DISCLAIMER: I ONLY work with agents, energies and entities of HIGHEST LIGHT & LOVE


Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching is a one time coaching session centered around an oracle/tarot card reading. This session also focuses on creating an action plan based on the message received. I also incorporate the guidance of God/Spirit, my Spiritual Squad, and the assistance of my Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Opening up to the Angelic Spiritual realm allows me to serve from a deeper level. I tap in to the Ultimate Source to receive guidance on the best course of action to improve on a particular area of your life. You can schedule your Intuitive Coaching session here.

Intuitive Reading

Whether you feel like you’re stuck at a crossroad in life, missing someone on the other side, or are seeking guidance from a deeper, more Spiritual level, an intuitive reading may provide the answers you’re seeking. Readings are given via oracle cards, tarot, cards, energy readings, and accessing your Akashic records. No worries! I cannot access your Spiritual files (so to speak) without your permission. You can schedule your Intuitive Reading session here.

If you’re open, willing, and ready to receive from a higher realm I’m here to be a willing vessel to serve you.