“Love over indifference. Kindness over cruelty. Compassion over condemnation.” – Coach B

I’m an Intuitive Self Love Alchemist and I strive to embody this quote in everything I do. My goal is simple:

To help other Spiritually enlightened beings find themselves and own themselves with Love, kindness, and compassion. When you own who you TRULY are, everything that’s not genuinely you – hurt, pain, fear, anger, regression, aggression, suppression, depression, doubt, insecurities, control, perfectionism – falls away. It took me decades to learn this lesson and it has been life transforming! Now it is my duty to help guide others out of the mental rabbit hole of darkness that society has created and remind them of the light that resides within.

You may not be able to change society, but you can change what’s in your mind, heart, and spirit. And by breeding that energy, growing that energy, loving that energy, expanding that energy, and letting that energy shine, when people encounter you they will be zapped with that energy! Some will love it, some will loathe it. But the more people there are to zap people with this positive, expansive, phenomenal energy the more people will begin to see the truth about our worldly society and understand how to get back to our core being.

Here is how I utilize my Divine Light:




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