Quit Snoozing…Rank Up!

This was my biggest take away after an AMAZING weekend with over 6,000 of my WV family members (and no, that is NOT an exaggeration!). As you all know, when something strikes me I have to share. It is my duty to help make your life as easy and pain-free as possible. Of course, there will be pain, discomfort, and disappointments, but all of these feelings have a point. It is your inner alarm going off to let you know, “Hey, seriously! We need a change in here!” Well, my inner alarm has been going off for quite some time, and every time it does I hit the “snooze” button (delay a decision, disguise a problem with something distracting, justify inadequacy, etc.) That usually works for a bit, but sooner or later guess what? That alarm will be ringing loud and clear again!

Frankly, I got tired of hitting my snooze button. It wasn’t solving anything and it kept jolting me out of my sleep (life). It was disturbing, uncomfortable, and flat-out annoying. So I decided to wake up, sit up, and make some changes. How did I do that?

I went to the View!

What is the View? It’s a out-of-this-world seminar led by the incomparable Marc Accetta. This man, let me tell you, is a BEAST! OMGoodness he is so good! Three days of laughter, lessons, and light! I had THEE BEST time and I’m so glad that I went. But let’s rewind a few weeks before my attendance.

My alarm initially went off in June. I had officially been in Ohio for a year and my intended purpose for returning had been fulfilled. I purchased a car (fully paid for), got a job, and had a nice savings account stacked up. It was now time for me to move on with my life. Except…I didn’t. I stayed stuck. I became fearful of leaving “the nest” even though I had absolutely no reason for staying. So I began to get serious about where I wanted to relocate to next. I only knew of two things for certain: I wanted to move south and I didn’t want to be in Ohio anymore. But instead of making a decision I hit the snooze button…you know…just to give me some more time to think.

July: My alarm went off again. I became hot, irritated, and could not make a sound decision to save my life. I was still undecided so I hit the snooze button again.

August: This time when my alarm went off I sat up for a bit. I went to Mexico where I was officially introduced to my WV family. They showed me so much love, laughter, light, and LIFE that I HAD to finally wake up! It was the best four days of my life! When I returned home I was fired up and ready to solidify my decisions. Yet something started happening within me. That damn voice began talking – you know, the ego. Questions began to arise, but this time she was slick about it. Instead of asking doubtful questions about leaving she shifted to overlapping questions about my potential destinations. You know, like, “What if you don’t like it there?” “What if it’s not what you expect?” “What if something happens to you, or you get sick again, or your kids need a sitter, or blah, blah, blah?” I became paralyzed with indecision again. So what do I do? Hit the snooze button.

September: I’m jolted awake…again. This time by a pending pink slip. On August 28th, 2013 at 3:30 PM EST we were called into my former employer’s conference room and were delivered the news. It wasn’t a surprise to me. I saw it coming. So I decided that September 13th, 2013 would be the LAST DAY I’d allow ANYONE to determine my financial/career destiny. I even went to see an advisor (don’t judge, if it’s not your thing let it slide) and was reassured that the pending layoff was part of my destiny. It had to happen in order for something BIGGER to happen to me. Which is funny because literally the night before our meeting I asked my Higher Power if I should move forward with my dream of wanting to be a coach and focus on my writing career, or if it wasn’t time yet. Between those two events I got my confirmation. But after that, nothing happened. So…snooze again.

October: I obtained my coaching certification and decided to re-focus on my writing career. I also decided to let go of everything and anything that did NOT help get me to my intended destination. Not in a selfish I-refuse-to-help-you kind of way, but in a I-need-to-be-able-to-help-you kind of way. In my half-daze the alarm went off again. This time at the View.

Funny thing about alarms…you can only hit the snooze button so many times before it stops going off altogether.

I wanted to reach for that snooze button again, but I had this feeling that if I didn’t do something soon I was about to sleep right though an amazing breakthrough. And that’s exactly what happened – I got my breakthrough. Not once, not twice, but quite a few times! In other words, instead of me hitting the snooze button the alarm clock grew legs, arms, and a head, named itself Marc Accetta and told me – in no uncertain terms – to get my arse out of bed and make it happen! Something! Anything! But whatever I did I needed to quit snoozing because the time wasn’t right or I didn’t have the correct answer, or whatever other lame excuses I kept coming up with. The time IS right! I DO have all the answers that I need! I CAN make this happen!

And you know what?! The same goes for you, too!

From this day forward you need to STOP hitting that snooze button! It’s only delaying your blessing! Sure you may be tired, weary, and uncertain. So what?!?! Get up and make something happen anyway! Every action gets you one step closer to where you need to be. It’s the INACTION that sets you back! Life is moving right along with or without you! It’s YOUR job to keep up with life, not the other way round! The sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be!

Wake up!

Shape up!

Rank up!

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