Weekend Write-Up: Getting It All Down On Paper

Here is your assignment for this weekend. I’m going to be brief because I want your full attention to be on your goal!

Simply put, I want you to take that plan that has been manifesting inside of you for the past week, month, or year and put it down on paper! It’s time to take that dream of yours and turn it into a goal. Once it becomes a goal, then you can take steps to bring it to fruition.

When you set your dreams on paper, you breathe life into them. You make the intangible become tangible. You give the idea permission to come to life. You set before you what has been inside of you. In a sense, you’re preparing to giveΒ life to what you need, want, and/or desire.

It’s a scary thing, I know. There are a lot of questions surrounding your dreams. What if it doesn’t come true? What if I mess up? What if I miss a critical opportunity? Don’t let these questions stop you from getting started.

Write your dream out TODAY! Then write out your plans to get there. Leave room for change, growth, and the unexpected because all three of these elements WILL come into play at some point. That doesn’t mean you will never get there. It just means when you do arrive you’ll be wiser, stronger, and better than before!

Go! Pull up a word document. Better yet, grab a pen and paper. There’s something about physically writing it out that puts your spirit into it! Actually, I want you to do both! Have a hard copy and a digital copy. The more places you have it written, the more opportunities you have to focus on what you are working toward.

What’s your dream? What’s your plan? Mark down today’s date. It’s the day you decided to bring your dream to life!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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