Weekend Write-Up: Assignment 1

Yesterday, I asked you to think of the many ways writing could propel your career. Today, I want you to go a step further. This blog post will be short, sweet, and to the point! Partly because the assignment within itself will take a while, and partly because it’s already almost midnight!

Here’s what I would like for you to do. To get your ideas flowing, I want you to write down 100 ways you can use writing to fulfill your mission and walk within your purpose. Take the answers to the questions from yesterday and start brainstorming. This is a crucial step in laying out the foundation for your success.

I know your palms are probably sweating and your heart is racing right about now. I’ll even admit that 100 ideas is kind of pushing it, but how do you expect to get ahead of the pack if you don’t push yourself harder than the average? Besides, you don’t have to do this alone. Ask someone you know and trust to help you. Brainstorm with others. This is also a good time to find an accountability partner if you don’t already have one. An accountability partner is a person that helps you to achieve your goals and stay on the right path. In turn, you do the same for them. I have three AP’s at the moment, and a mastermind alliance. They have all done wonders for me in advancing my career. Think of the milestones you could reach with the right AP!

There isn’t a time limit on this assignment. In fact, there isn’t one on any of my assignments! One thing that I have learned during my journey of self advancement is that everyone works at their own pace. What I can do in a week the next person may be able to do in three days, while the next person after than may need three months. This isn’t a contest. There isn’t any pressure from myself or anyone else. You control the pace, and when you reach the finish line you get to reap the results! There will be times when you will question if it’s all worth it. That’s when you’ll look back and see me all up in your face with a big, cheesy smile¬†screaming “YES! NOW GO GET ‘EM TIGER/TIGRESS!”

Okay, back to the list. What are some ways you can utilize writing to advance your business, your career, or even your life? What are you shooting for and how can writing get you there?

On your mark…get set…WRITE!

Rockstarr~Over & Out

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