Thankful Thursday: Thank You For Allowing Me To Help!

No, not me! Well, yes, I do thank you, but this is how you should feel in regards to serving others. Being open to serving others is only half of the picture. They have to be just as open to receiving what you have to give. They also have to need what you have to give. When these elements come together you are fully living within your purpose. For that you need to thank those that allow you to do so and you need to thank your Higher Power.

From the greatest level of assistance to the smallest kindess of gesture, they’re all opportunities to give to and serve others. You’ll never know when the opportunity will present itself so take it whenever you get the chance. It’s good for the soul when you express your gratitude by serving others. It also shows your gratitude for life. When you can give to others – selflessly, of course – you don’t feel as much “lack” in your life. It increases your energy, raises your vibrational frequency and puts a glow around you that no cosmetic product can produce!

Go out there and give a dose or two of whatever you have to give. Someone somewhere needs it, wants it and will appreciate you forĀ it. And of course, I thank you all for allowing me to give my time, energy and random acts of kindness to you!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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