Sometimes you have to go back to square one! :o)

I learned a very valuable – and possibly unintentional – lesson from my A.P. (accountability partner) a few hours ago. This journey from rags to riches, poverty to prosperity, lack to stacked – whatever you want to call it – is no joke. You would think that in the age of information we would have a clear cut pathway that takes us from where we currently are to where we want to be. In some ways, we do. Yet there are so many twists and turns along this path that it can be a bit confusing as to which way is right…for US.

There are a plethora of experts/gurus/coaches that have books, seminars, workshops, etc. filled with advice on how to obtain your best life. They are all well meaning and intend to offer you the steps that helped them along their journey. So we read their books, attend their seminars, and participate in their workshops in hopes to finally – FINALLY – find that missing piece to our puzzle or that bridge that will lead us from “here” to “there.”

Here’s the problem though. We tend to get so caught up in what THEY say we should do that we forget about the things that we were doing that – dare I say it – actually WORKED for US!!!

It’s like we have more faith in someone outside of ourselves because they have already attained what it is we’re still seeking. In this process, we get so caught up in the proof that’s in their pudding that we forget our own.

And that – ladies and gentlemen – is where we get lost.

So how do we find ourselves? Simple. Go back to square one. What is square one? It’s a reset point of sorts. Not necessarily as far back as answering the questions of who are you, what do you want, why do you want it. That’s not what I mean. Square one is the moment in your life where you were 100% certain you had things on track. Going back any further than that will simply unravel what successful progress you’ve already made.

The discussion I was having with my A.P. made me think about my own square one. Currently, I’m in recovery mode from one hell of a storm. I’m getting the thirteen dimensions of my life back together. In order for me to do that and achieve maximum results, I need to reset back to square one in several of these areas. That is, reset back to a time where I was 100% sure things were going right in that part of my life. It’s what I consider a solid starting point that I can build up on.

So how do you find your square one? It’s not as hard as it seems. Simply think about the area of your life where you are experiencing discord. Then think back to a time where you were happy and thriving in that area. It could have been two weeks ago. It could have been two decades ago. Whatever the time length, go back and examine what made it “perfect” in that moment. Who were you as a person? What were you doing? How much time and energy did you dedicate to that part of your life? What were your boundaries? What habits did you have/restrict that directly affected that area of your life? Do some reassessing and make a vow to go back to those ways – your square one – and build it up from that point.

There are a lot of areas in my life where I’ll be revisiting my square one. Maybe not every single one, but it’s definitely worth the assessment to ensure I’m living life at the most optimum level. Doing a reset can be beneficial for your present and future situations as well. It’s all in how you look at it. Where do you need to go back to square one? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help you if I can! :o)

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