Putting all logic aside…

I’ve been really…umm…eccentric lately. Most of my actions have been heart and spirit based, containing not one iota of logic, sense, or consideration. I don’t know who, how, or why but all of a sudden I have this sudden urge to majorly shift in this direction. I’m more focused on manifesting love and happiness than anything else. The thoughts and decisions that have beenΒ coming to me recently would probably have some people who don’t know me wellΒ question my sanity…yet the ones who really know me will just sit back, grab the popcorn, and prepare for one heck of a show! (Yeah, these moods are not new!)

I’m going through it…hence my long hiatus (okay, that was due to accounting!). It’s not a bad thing; it’s actually quite motivating. I haven’t had this feeling since I first moved to Atlanta. Now I just need to know how to – and where to – direct this energy because it’s POWERFUL! I don’t want to waste, neglect, or suppress it. This could be the energy boost that I need to propel me to that next level. I’m certain it is. I guess what’s getting to me is the source behind this energy. It’s a source that some would say is bad for me while I feel it’s actually quite the opposite. This source is one that everyone has experienced at some point in their life and they may or may not have good memories of it. I can say I’ve had both great and devastating encounters with this source, yet on both ends of the spectrum I always came out stronger. It is due to my encounters with this source that I truly understand it, I appreciate it, and I’m grateful for it.

…and now I’m a slave to it.

Yes, I am putty in the hands of this source. It’s what makes me want to get up in the morning and have peaceful dreams at night. (Well, now anyway. I was having some off the hook dreams, but that’s another blog!) It’s what’s pulling me in the direction that I already naturally want to go, with no force needed, just gentle guidance. It was something I used to fear. Now I have all the faith in the world in it. This source has me ready to sacrifice every materialistic, financial, and superficial goal I have just to have it in my life. Yet those sacrifices are not needed because I already have this source in my life.

I live for this source.

I breathe for this source.

I’d die for this source.

This source is LOVE. It has a more formal name, but that is personal. Just know that I have a laser beam focus on obtaining this source in the near future.

I asked.

I believe.

I’m preparing to receive.


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