Not enough…

Two words that paralyze growth. Two words that energize fear. Two words that can make or break your future. The phrase, “not enough…” is usually used in conjunction with an excuse. It’s a means to an end in regards to why you cannot – or, in reality, will not – achieve a goal in your life. So what are these excuses that generally follow these two dreaded words? Let’s uncover the more popular ones:

Time: Honey, listen! We all – let me reiterate that – WE ALL have the same 24 hours in a day! The amount of time you have is not dependent on the amount of money in your bank account, or the amount of energy you have, or the amount of people you know. None of these things can give you more time. None of them can take time away. Your 24 hours and my 24 hours are the same. What matters is what you DO with the 24 hours; that’s what makes the difference.

Money: Again, not an excuse! There are multi-millionaires that were born into money that haven’t accomplished a single thing. By the same token, there are people barely making a decent living on minimum wage that have touched more lives than any amount of money ever could. Not everything requires money, and ideas are plentiful – and free! You have to start somewhere, so do what you can with what you have now and the money that you THINK you need will come when you REALLY need it.

Energy: Lack of energy isn’t the real problem. The culprit here is lack of time management. Most of us are burnt out or overextended because we don’t know how to properly schedule our days. We have blocks of time where we’re trying to do too many things at once – and usually by ourselves – and when we do have down time we use it to run errands or catch up on mindless TV (which, believe it or not, is an energy draining source), or busy ourselves with unimportant tasks. We think if we stay up all hours of the night and try to get up early this will fit the “grind” schedule. WRONG!!! It makes no sense to sacrifice your energy – one of the main things you need to achieve your goal – by sacrificing sleep. By the same token, too much sleep can also drain your energy. Find the right amount of sleep that your body needs and build your schedule around it accordingly.

Support: Now this is a biggie! We all need, want, and desire to be loved, to feel important, and to have support. When these things are lacking they begin to take a toll on our self esteem. We start to feel inadequate, and that in turn affects us personally. We begin to question ourselves and our goals wondering if they even matter. Our goals do matter, with or without the support of others. Yes, achieving goals is so much better when you have a crowd of people surrounding you, yelling, cheering, and rooting you on. But if that crowd doesn’t exist, create it within yourself. After all, at the end of the day you are the only support system that you need.

I’m sure there are other “not enough…” reasons that you could come up with, but ask yourself, are they legit reasons? Is there any truth to them, or is it all in your head? Are they reality based, or made up by your subconscious mind as a way to prevent you from moving forward? At some point, you have to decide that “not enough…” is not good enough to stop you from achieving your goals. So whether it’s time, money, energy, or support you’re missing, find a way around it – there’s always a way – and keep striving towards success.

Trust me, you got this!


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