It’s as simple as making a DECISION!

We’re at the end of another year – another era – and the cycle of “making changes” is upon us. Now let me start this off with a disclaimer: I am all for making changes, setting goals, and creating a better life. With that being said, I’m also all for being honest with yourself, being realistic, and committing to the process.

At the end of every year we all feel compelled to analyze our life, determine what goals we did – and didn’t – meet, and vow to either renew those goals or make new goals. Usually, where we are and where we want to be are not in alignment. There’s a gap lingering, but we don’t quite know how to fill it. So we make a list of “filler goals” that sound good to the ear and┬álook good to the eyes. We try to close that gap with these filler goals in hopes to finally – FINALLY – get a step ahead.

Here’s the issue – these filler goals aren’t really heartfelt. They’re made out of desperation, confusion, and – to be straight up with you – manipulation! You have people in person and on social media telling you it’s your time to lose weight, get rich, walk in your purpose…yada, yada, yada! But what about you? What is it that YOU want? Cancel out the noise of everyone else and think about YOUR future?

Do you want to finally write that book about your life? Do you want to move to a new state and start a new life? Do you want to end that dead end job and switch to a thriving career? Do you just want five extra minutes a day to yourself? No one said new goals have to be life altering! You don’t have to declare to move mountains. You just have to set a goal that will make YOUR life better. How do you do that?

Make a decision to have a better life.

It really IS that simple. Now what do I mean by a “better life?” I mean that in comparison to where you are now, the goal that you set will improve the overall quality of your life in a ways that will make you happy. You can start with setting one goal and then continuing the trend as each goal is met, or you can set a few goals at the beginning of the year to accomplish by the end of the year. There is no right or wrong way to set a goal. The decision is up to you. All you have to do is make it.

What decisions have you made to improve your life this upcoming year? How will you fill your gap from where you are to where you want to be? Tell┬áme in the comments below! If you need an advocate or someone to guide you along, contact me at I’ll be more than happy to coach you to your success!


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