Don’t quit your day job…says everyone…always!

I’ve heard it.

You’ve heard it.

Everyone’s that has ever desired something better in life has heard it.

It’s based on the stigma that if you quit your job to pursue your dreams you’ll end up broke, homeless, and sleeping on your parent’s couch. Honey, listen, let me be the first to tell you *clears throat* that’s complete and total BULLSHIT! (Yes, I curse! I’m an adult! Deal!)

It takes more than quitting your job to land you in dire straits. However, if you don’t go about your entrepreneurial pursuit the correct way then your well-intending loved ones may have a point. Let’s analyze the message more and bypass the messenger.

Here’s the ugly truth about this saying. Most people are advised not to quit their day job out a sense of having security. Even though the industrial age is long gone, people still cling to the idea of having a secure position, secure paycheck, and secure 401k to depend on when they retire. That used to be the case…when your grandparents – and in some cases, great-grandparents – were alive and working. In this day and age, security no longer resides with punching in and out 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Security – believe it or not – resides with you.

Let me paint you a picture. Say you have a position and you’ve been there for almost twenty years (you started right out of high school). During this time you’ve had four promotions, increased your income significantly, made great gains for and with the company, and have gained a wealth of knowledge through trainings, mentoring, and trial-and-error. Your confidence in growing all the way to the top is almost unshakeable.

Then you attend an unscheduled, but mandatory, meeting at 3pm on a Wednesday. You and your entire team have been told that the company has merged. The lower level employees jobs are secured – they pay them next to nothing anyway. Middle and upper management, however, will be skimmed down “according to company needs.” The next week you’re presented with a 6 months severance check, a cardboard box, and an hour to clean out your belongings that you’ve accumulated in the past almost-twenty-years.

Where’s your security now?

Now do you see how we can no longer depend on a job? It’s because the job isn’t the key factor in our success – we are! Success is based upon three factors: what you put out, what you bring in, and who controls what you bring in. That cozy position you’ve held and been devoted to for almost twenty years has just been ripped out from under your feet. But – you say – with all of your experience, accolades, and awards surely you can get another position paying the same amount, if not more, right?


These days it’s so easy to hire a new college graduate to do twice the work you were doing at half the salary. Not to mention the job market is saturated with talented, educated individuals who have the same knowledge base as you. On top of that, experience costs; companies would rather save $20k and train a new hire than pay an executive. Why? Because that $20k can be used to increase their profits while the same amount of staff do the same tasks. That is why this notion of not quitting your day job and being so dependent on a company is dead and gone.

So, what do you do about it?

Whatever you want! Just understand that a job is not your safety net…you are! Your knowledge, skills, talents, abilities, drive and ambition are what will keep you secure. Not a 9 – 5 or whatever your shift of choice may be. Remember, there are three sides to your success, and as long as you play an active, major role in all three sides you will always be control of our financial success.

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