Thanksful Thursday: Thank Goodness For Patience

Here it is, after 3 PM EST my time, and I’m just not getting to this blog.┬áThis is a prime example of practicing what I preach. This is also a good example of why having patience is a must in your personal AND professional life.

You will have days that will start off as normal (like mine did) and POW – they will change in an instant (once again, like mine did). That’s okay. So long as you move through your day to the best of your ability things will be fine. You will get back to what you were working on soon enough.

This isn’t to say that you should allow any and all interruptions. You do have a choice in some of the matters. In others, there is no option. However, don’t let the mishap, distraction or side step affect your level of patience. You will make it through this with patience, persistence and practice.

Be grateful and be thankful for the patience you do have; even if it’s very miniscule. You can build and strengthen your patience and every time it is tested and you pass you do just that – make it stronger! Of course, it doesn’t build overnight, but it will get better. Soon it will be second nature to you. That – my dear Rockstar – is when you’ll know you’ve mastered patience!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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