Thankful Thursday: You’re Worthy! Be Grateful!

Knowing your self-worth is something to be grateful for. When you hold yourself to a higher standard it is reflected in all areas of your life. Knowing your own self-worth also makes it easier to identify those that also hold themselves to a higher standard. Like attracts like; if your self-worth is low then everyone and everything you attract in your life will have a lower worth. If your self-worth is high then those you attract will feel the same way about themselves.

Self-worth makes exceptions for no one. You can’t expect high standards from 95% of those you know but let the last 5% slide because “their life is hard.” It doesn’t work that way. If there is even ONE person…ONE experience…ONE instance in your life where you’re willing to make an exception then you are fabricating your own self-worth. You are lying to YOURSELF! You are also putting yourself at risk of decreasing your own value by putting up with negativity.

Don’t make excuses for others. Don’t accept what you’re not worth. Don’t go where you’re not wanted, needed, or comfortable. Don’t hold on to people because of (insert excuse here). Those people, places, and/or experiences are NOT your responsibility. YOU ARE!

When you’re grateful for your higher valued self you will cherish and protect it at all costs. Is there anyone around you that has that same high value? Are you having experiences that add value to your life? Are you going places that add value to your life? If the answer is yes, then be grateful. If the answer is no, then be grateful that you found out these do not reflect your true self-worth and begin to increase your value by going to better places, having better experiences, and befriending better people.

Increasing your value increases your level of gratitude. Increased gratitude increases your value. Yet another circle worthy of expansion!

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your value. Appreciate IN value!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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