Thankful Thursday: Showing Gratitude For Your Plan

We all need a plan in life; that’s been established. At some point, you will begin to create your plan to reach your intended destination. During this process, you may overlook the fact that things will fall into place almost effortlessly. This is a good thing, for it means you are on the right path. Don’t take this ease of effort for granted. Instead, be grateful to your Higher Power for guiding you though this process and using certain aspects as indicators that you are on the right path.

With every step that you map out, ask your Higher Power to guide you to it and through it safely, confidently, and courageously. Should you need to bypass or detour a step, ask for that same guidance. Along the way, both in creating and implementing this process, be grateful that you are on the way to your intended destination. Be grateful that your purpose has been revealed to you. 

Also, show yourself some gratitude for making the decision to ACCEPT your purpose and beginning the steps to walk within it. You’re the one that will execute this plan from beginning to end. That is a big responsibility to undertake; almost as big as fulfilling the purpose in itself. Be grateful that the task was entrusted to you and feel good that your Higher Power thought you to be the PERFECT person to carry that particular purpose out. Others may do what you do, but no one on the face of this earth can do it YOUR WAY!

This is your opportunity to begin laying out the blueprints for your empire. Start off with gratitude, and continue to have that attitude of gratitude throughout the entire process. The more gratitude you have, the stronger your plan…or plans…will be.

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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