Thankful Thursday: Show Gratitude For Your Gift

You have a gift. Something that only you can do. Sure, there are others that do it, but no one – and I do mean NO ONE – can utilize your gift like you can! That’s what makes you unique and there isn’t a negative person in the world that can take that away from you!

So why not show gratitude for it?

You were given the gift as well as your unique way of expressing it. When you write, it comes from a place that resides only within you. When you create, you are expressing thoughts and feelings from your perception. Like fingerprints, no two individuals are alike. The same goes for your gift. There can be millions of writers, singers, architects, ect., but none of them can duplicate your gift in your way.

So today, and every day, show gratitude for your gift. Be it one or one hundred, you were put here for a purpose. Your purpose lies within your gift. It was ordained to you by your Higher Power to not only benefit others, but yourself as well. Be grateful for that, because if you’re not it can be gone. Just. Like. That.



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