Thankful Thursday: Serve With Gratitude

Everything that you do should be done with gratitude. Serving others is no different. Your Higher Power chose you to be a vessel to do something powerful. That alone is worth being grateful. Couple that with the purpose to serve others and you have created the key that will unlock the door to your success.

This journey isn’t just about how far you can go, anything materialistic, or about making yourself “known” to society. Depending on your goals, you may never meet any of the people who’s lives you will ultimately touch. This journey is about how far you can encourage others to go. It’s about utilizing the gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that your Higher Power blessed you with so that in turn you can bless others. Yes, you will benefit from reaching your goals also, but let’s face it, your life isn’t about you!

I’m sure you’ve heard others say it. My mentor and several experts that I admire also echo this same statement. That’s because it’s true. Our lives aren’t solely about us. Yes, we live them and make decisions and such, but everything we do, everyone we serve, everywhere we go, and everything we experience is done for the betterment of us AND those we are supposed to help. Your target group may not be the whole world, but if your experiences can help you reach that one person you’re supposed to reach, then your service was not in vain.

Sometimes, when this point sinks in people grow a certain bitterness within themselves. It’s as if the green-eyed monster appears and they all of a sudden are spiteful that none of the trials, challenges, or what have you that they’re going through will benefit them. These people are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Everything you go through DOES benefit you; it also benefits those that you need, want, and are put here to help. The element of gratitude is what makes that point clear. When you simply serve for gain, your vision is foggy. When you serve with gratitude, you have 100% clarity.

Whatever you do, whenever you do it, however you do it, make sure it’s with gratitude. The gifts you were blessed with are no accident. You DO have a strong purpose here on earth. You ARE important to someone else other than yourself. You HAVE the ability to touch someone’s life and make it better, even if you feel your own life isn’t top-notch. There is no rule that says you have to be a millionaire with a mansion, 6 cars, 3 yachts, and several investments to be important. The wisest words I’ve ever heard were to simply appreciate life and be grateful for everything that I do have. I was told not to take one moment for granted because, good or bad, I will never get that moment back. That was told to me by a homeless man. Even HE is a powerful vessel and he doesn’t have any of the things that we in America see as success symbols.

Give of yourself freely. Serve others openly. Above all else, always, ALWAYS have gratitude.

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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