Thankful Thursday: I’m Grateful For Your Presence, But…

…it’s time for you to go!

That’s what needs to be said in so many words. These people, places, and experiences were put in your life for a reason. There is a LESSON in the madness that has ensued in the space between your ears. Before you can officially evict anyone you need to learn what that lesson is. And how do you know you’ve learned a lesson?

You’re tested!

It’s inevitable, you have to be tested and you have to PASS before the eviction process can be effective. Even if you do evict them, another similar person, place, or experience will come along soon after to re-teach that SAME LESSON that you refused to learn or didn’t pass the test on. In order for ANY of this process to be effective, you must learn the lesson, overstand its purpose, be grateful for its presence, pass the test, and MOVE ON! Don’t repeat the same mistake. That’s a sign you didn’t truly learn the lesson which will just put you right back where you just left.

After this test comes the evictions. Yet here’s the grand part about this process…the eviction IS the test! W00t! Yes, my dear Rockstars! You are tested DURING the eviction process…not before or after. Can you be strong enough to kick these people out? Are you resilient enough to resist their advances?¬† Will you avoid having the same experiences over and over again? How far will you go to avoid those negative places?

That is your test. That is what you’ll have to pass. I know you can do it because I’ve done it before in other aspects of my life. Now, with that being said I want you to know that this “eviction process” does repeat itself in different scenarios with different people, places, and experiences…but for different reasons. This isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal! Not by far! Yet there is something you need to learn from that person, that experience, that place in your life. Once you learn it’s purpose and overstand¬†it, be grateful for its presence, pass the test, and then you can move on.

Show gratitude for this process. It has made you stronger than you know. Tomorrow, we’ll finally buckle down and focus on serving those eviction notices!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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