Thankful Thursday: Gratitude = Success

Gratitude and success go hand in hand. It’s practically impossible to have one without the other for long. Ungrateful people who experience success will soon find themselves in dire straits. People who exude gratitude, even in trying times, are soon met with exponential success.

You should always keep an eye on your gratitude meter. Take a moment to realize just how successful you have already been. Some people look so far ahead in the future or live in the regrets of the past that they fail to see the successes they have in the present. When you recognize and acknowledge what you’ve already accomplished – and have gratitude for it – success begins to flow to you effortlessly.

If you’re feeling ungrateful, for whatever reason, the best remedy is to help someone else. Seriously! Find a friend – or a total stranger – in need and help them with something, even if they don’t ask you for help. Go above and beyond the call of duty to be there for someone. Take them to the store. Wash their car. Add money to a stranger’s parking meter. Or if you’re not comfortable with direct contact, simply smile! You’d be surprised at how many people pass you a day that are affected by your mood. A smile goes a long way. I’ve personally witnessed people driving towards me looking like their world was going to end, yet when they see me smile something in their eyes light up. Sometimes they smile back, sometimes they pass too quickly for me to notice, but every time – and I do mean EVERY time – I could sense something “click” in them.

That is a form of increasing and expressing your gratitude. You have the ability to help someone else. You are showing the ability to alter someone’s feelings for the better. You are improving another person’s situation, which in turn improves your own. That in itself is a form of success. Not many people can do that on a positive level. You have that power. Actually, everyone has that power. You just have to make the choice to exercise it.


Don’t do this solely for gain. The purpose of having gratitude is to sincerely be grateful, not to fill some hole within yourself just so you can get something out of it. Gratitude is all about being appreciative of what you have – and are willing to GIVE! When you express false gratitude you will reap false success, if you reap any success at all. Your Higher Power cannot be tricked, so don’t even do that to yourself. If you find it hard to show genuine gratitude then force yourself to show it in some kind of way and expect NOTHING in return. You have to get in the habit of showing gratitude. It may take time, but the more you practice it the more natural it becomes.

A high level of gratitude equals a high level of success in whatever endeavor you are pursuing. The more gratitude you show, the more you will receive. Show gratitude with an open heart, mind and spirit and everything you need, want and desire will be within reach.

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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