Thankful Thursday: Grateful For The Motivation

There’s this phrase that says, “Let your haters be your motivators.” I don’t really like that phrase, but it does have a valid point. Your “dream blockers” are like your haters. They see you doing something they wish they could do – and they probably could if they used some of that energy for good – but they’re not. So, instead of pushing themselves to move forward, they block you from doing just that.

Be grateful for that.

Then you have your gassers. Those experts and gurus that want you to succeed. They really do; and while they’re molding you to be in their likeness they are sucking your bank account dry – because you know that mentoring isn’t free!

Be grateful for that.

Finally, you have yourself. That extremely loud voice in your head screaming at every brilliant idea you have, trying to drown it out so that you don’t act on it. Your biggest obstacle. Your strongest adversary. Your worst enemy. That’s what “they” say “you” are.

Be grateful for that.

And WHY should you be grateful for all of this negativity? Because it’s what gets you going. It’s what motivates you to prove them – and yourself – WRONG! It’s that hidden adrenaline most people don’t label because it can be found inside of you. In fact, it was there all along. You know that extremely loud voice inside of your head?! Yeah, that one. There’s a method to its madness. The hidden adrenaline is the method. The taunting is the madness.

Get it now?


From this point on, every time someone says “You can’t do that!” or “For as little as (insert inflated price here) I can show you how to…” or “I’m too (insert excuse here) to do anything” be grateful. It’s an opportunity in disguise to overcome that blockage. They may get in your way, but they also give you the tools to get them out of your way.

Remember, nothing’s stopping you but you! Now you know how to overcome you so you can move through!

*Say that three times fast! LOL!*


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