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Get back in motion!

I have to laugh at myself sometimes! Here it is, Thursday, and I had YET to write this week’s blog! My goal is to write and post a blog every Monday (what is known as my Motivational Monday blogs). However, last month I experimented with posting a blog theme. Every week I wrote a new blog focusing on a specific topic. It was a trial run to see if I could follow a structured formula in regards to blog content.

I did great!

Then I got bored.

See, here’s the thing about me. I’m EXTREMELY (not yelling, just stating) spontaneous! Well, as spontaneous as a parent can get. I don’t like to plan blog topics. I don’t like to plan, period! Now before you hit me with the If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! hoopla hear me out.

I am several things: a blue personality…an empath…a Gemini…an artist in all capacities. I’m moved by inspiration, not structure. Ideas can strike me at 3am or 7 pm (which is funny because that’s what time it is now). When these ideas hit me, they all comes at once, sometimes in speeds that leave me before I can write them all down. I did well last month, but I also learned something about myself…and about creatives. We GO when we FLOW!

Did you catch that?!

We GO when we FLOW!

That means we’re at our best when moved by our creative energies. Now the structured stuff is good, too, no doubt about it. But you get supreme excellence when you move once the feeling strikes you! I’m telling you, there’s nothing like being moved to create and inspire spontaneously!

What’s my point? If you find that you move – umm – differently than the rest of the world that’s okay. You can still be structured and spontaneous at the same time. When the mood strikes, get as much information and set up as possible. Then, schedule the outcome to occur when you’d like it to appear. For example, sometimes I’ll get blog ideas late at night. Before my experiment, I would write the blog out on a Word doc or here and schedule it for a Monday release. It’s a win-win…and a method I’m returning to immediately!

What if you’re not a blogger thought? What if you’re a photographer and get inspiration to shoot in a certain area of town? Schedule a day and time you can go to that spot and I bet inspiration will meet you there. Are you a painter? Sketch your ideas or jot down what it looks like if you’re not in a position to grab a paintbrush at the moment. When you get to your canvas take your notes. Re-live that vision and transfer it appropriately.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t recreate your visions it 100% all the time. Learn your flow and work WITH it, not AGAINST it. Then schedule a time when you can execute what you received during your flow. Don’t allow the discrepancies of energy vs availability to stop you from being creative or consistent. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Find your path and ROCK IT!

Coach Cartel

Stand strong in your FAITH!

I can truly attest to the fact…FACT, I tell you…that when you stand strong in your faith you can overcome anything! And I do mean anything!

Two Saturdays ago I was in a very unsafe predicament. While going around a curve on the highway the tire rod on my front passenger side came loose. Immediately, the ride got very bumpy. I pulled over onto the median (where two highways merge) to step out and look at the tire. It looked like it was in tact, so I made an attempt to merge to the right so I could get off and take the streets to my destination just in case it wasn’t all good.

Guess what? It wasn’t all good!

I didn’t even get clear out of the median before my tire really went haywire! Thank God the shoulder was right there. So I pulled over and commenced to making phone calls.

Here is where my faith test began.

The first call was to my insurance company. In the past, they offered road side assistance up front. Meaning they contacted a tow company, had your car towed to wherever you chose, and paid for the towing. Now I’m being told that I have to call a tow company, have it towed, pay for it, and they’ll reimburse me a set amount. *insert major eye roll* So I hang up with them and search for tow companies.

The next call was to one that I chose based on ratings. They said they could have someone out within 30 – 45 minutes and gave me a price…which was DOUBLE what my insurance company would reimburse me. *insert second major eye roll* Given my location (highway) safety level (way too low) and the fact that I wasn’t alone (all three kids were with me) I set it up to have them pick up my car and tow my car to the dealership.

The third call was to my dad. (Daddy ALWAYS saves the day!) Thank God he was home. I told him our location and he said he was on his way.

The final call was to the dealership letting them know my car would soon be on their lot. I told them I thought my axel was broken, but wasn’t sure. They said they would check it out when the car arrived.

Fast forward 30 minutes.

Still no tow truck. Still no dad. Still no safety zone…and these cars are FLYING by trying to get to the exit! By now I’m having to honk to alert them they’re nearing the shoulder. I called my dad and my mom answered. He gets on the phone and realizes he was on the wrong side of the highway. Attempt #2 has begun.

Fast forward 20 minutes.

He pulls up behind me. Still no tow truck, but by this time my  boys are freaking out and my daughter (who can’t seem to contain her laughter in serious situations) is near gut-busting level with tears of hysteria. We hopped in the car and pulled off.

Super fast forward to Monday. I call the dealership to find out the particulars of my car. This is when the faith test goes into full throttle. They tell me the inner AND outer tire rods are broken, something came loose (may have been tampered with, but that’s another blog for another day), and to repair everything would be damn near the amount of my rent!



Now, my emergency fund was cleared out leaving a very violent situation. I’m in the process of recouping it, but haven’t made much progress. And now I  have to contend with this. So, not only do I have the standard first of the month bills to cover, but I also have to squeeze in a repair fee…that may have been done intentionally by some spiteful being or on his behalf.

*turns up the faith knob*

I freaked out, naturally, for a few hours. Then, that night, when it was time to say my prayers I gave it all to God. I said, “God, I don’t know how you’re going to fandangle this (and, yes, I said fandangle – God knows how I talk), but I know you got me this time like you’ve always had me before. Yes, I might stress because I’m human, but at the end of the day what you say goes so I’m going with the flow.”

That was Monday night. By Friday, I had accumulated enough money to cover my expenses AND my repair!!! No cash advance needed, because that’s the route I was going to take if need be. Now I believe even stronger than before that when you ask God for a need he will supply it right in the nick of time!

Inevitably, situations will arise. Sometimes it’s to test you. Sometimes, shit just happens. Either way, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your faith, increase your vibrations, and test your belief that things will work out accordingly in the end. Sure, it may not be to your liking (there are a myriad of ways I would have rather spent that “extra” money), but it is definitely in your favor. When it happens – and that’s “when” not “if” – take full advantage of the opportunity to grow. Yes, it sucks in the moment and feels really uncomfortable, but in the end you’re stronger, wiser, and have a better perspective of your life and your current situation.

What recent situations have required you to stand strong in your faith? Comment below! And if you feel like your faith isn’t strong enough, allow me to be your ally!



What are YOU waiting for?

Here it is, yet another Monday, and you’re back at your traditional job – doing your traditional tasks – and living yet another unfulfilling day in your unfulfilling life. Le sigh. Is this ever going to get better? Is this all there is to life…my life? You keep asking yourself the same questions over and over, hoping and praying that one day you’ll wake up and will be living the life of your dreams.

But here’s the thing. You already have the answers to these questions. The answers lie in your actions – or lack thereof. Is this ever going to get better? It will when you decide to get better. Is this all there is to life…my life? It is if that’s all you’re working toward. See, despite how commercial people make the glamorous life look, you can enjoy those same experiences if you would just DECIDE to experience them! No one is stopping your life from getting better except for you. No one is hindering you from having the life of your dreams except for you. The key is in your hands – it always was – and you have the power to open and close any door you wish.

Now let’s get some clarity on my view of this blog. When I say YOUR LIFE that’s exactly what I mean! I’m not talking about the flashy life, the famous life, the well-to-do life. I’m talking about YOUR life how YOU see it. But you don’t know what I want in my life. You’re right…I don’t…and I don’t need to know because the same principle applies whether you want to be a billionaire or backpacking throughout eastern Europe; whether you want to be a Grammy award winning singer or a Guru of all things Amish; whether you want to be an entrepreneur or employee of the year. How you view YOUR life and YOUR success is YOUR business, not mine. My job is to inform you that it’s all within your reach. You just have to go get it.

So what are some of the things stopping you from living the life you’ve always wanted to experience? A dead end job? Naysayers? Dependency on others? Afraid of criticism? Your hair’s not long enough? Your shoes are too tight? *Insert every other lame excuse here*

Honey, listen…there will always, always – let me reiterate – ALWAYS be an “excuse” as to why you can’t live the life of your dreams. But that’s all they are…EXCUSES!!! And what are excuses made out of? Fear. And where does fear come from? The unknown. And what’s so scary about the unknown? It’s not familiar. And we all know what familiarity breeds, right? Contempt. And what’s wrong with contempt? It means something is worthless or beneath you. So…in a sense…making excuses is protecting what’s worthless or beneath you.

Now does it make any sense to protect what’s BENEATH you?

So why would you make excuses holding on to a life that you know doesn’t serve you? Not only does it not serve you, it doesn’t help you serve anyone else. Even the most selfish person gives carbon dioxide back to the trees! (Think about it.) We’re not here for ourselves. We’re here for each other, but until we reside in and live from our truth we’re just taking up space, wasting time, and being irresponsible with our presence and our purpose. It’s more than the glitz and glamour that makes you desire the life you want. Marketing and branding have you thinking that’s what’s important – but you and I both know it’s deeper – WAY DEEPER – than that.

So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to sit with yourself, in silence, away from any technological and/or human distractions. I want you to think about your life, where it is now, where you want it to go, and where you might end up if you stay on this current road. Then I want you to do three things: dream…vision…grind! Dream about what your life will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sounds like (yes, honey, we’re using ALL FIVE SENSES) to YOU…not anyone else. I want you to vision the steps you need to take to make those senses come to life. Then – and this is the most important step – I want you to grind like you’ve never grinded before!!! Mercilessly! Fervently! With intensity, passion, and urgency! Your life has waited long enough for you to come and claim it. Make the vow TODAY to go after the life YOU desire! Don’t wait until your birthday. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day. Don’t wait until someone close to you passes away. And for goodness sake do not wait for yet another success story!!! You’ve heard enough of them! It’s time to create your own!!!

Now, in the words of Spock (and don’t kill me if I don’t get this 100% right)…”Go forth and prosper.” *insert Vulcan salute here*


A New Direction

I’m tired…but estatic!

So, I’ve been in hiding – yes, again – for the past couple of weeks because I was having an internal battle regarding my return to Georgia. Part of me wanted to go back because I miss it so. Part of me wants to try somewhere else because when I was there it broke me down. All of me wants to get the heck out of where I am now! (I won’t say where…don’t want to offend any Buckeyes! Oops!) Throughout this entire ordeal I was being pulled back and forth internally…and I has zero local support externally.

Finally I said enough was enough. The instability and insanity were more than I could take.I began some serious soul searching, shutting my ego up every time it tried to speak. I went back to meditating and reading . The book that pulled me out to safety was Super Rich by Russell Simmons. If you haven’t read this book it is a MUST READ! It’s not about becoming rich financially, but rather spiritually. It really shined a light on what I already knew to be true, but couldn’t see due to the fogginess of my uncertainty. It led me out of the darkness! I highly recommend it.

But I can’t give the book 100% credit. Well, we all know that goes to my Higher Power. But I also took the initiative to rededicate myself TO myself. Somehow the words of others – or in some cases the lack thereof – caused me to question my own purpose. Hey, I’m human! But it did show me that everyone has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It’s our response to this when it shows up that differentiates success from, well, no success. (I don’t like the “f” word.) I didn’t beat myself up or allow the abuse of my ego to go on any longer. I told myself that good or bad, right or lesson (I also don’t like the “w” word), I am going to live life and ENJOY the process. Because that’s all life is…a process!

I also discovered something else. In my quest towards literary greatness I have been a freelance writer, self published author, publisher, editor, and writing coach. Oh, and a ghostwriter. And while I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved every project I took on none of them really did “it” for me. Well, writing stories does, but they come to me…I don’t sit around all day trying to conjure them up. Yet here’s what I’ve discovered and have recently been shown. No matter what project I was working on, the thing that caused me to get involved was the passion for the project that I could see, hear, and feel from my client. Their passion ignited my passion because I was helping them to birth a dream. Seeing how much they were into their project literally gave me goosebumps.

And then I had an “A HA!’ moment!

It’s the birthing of passion that I love! It doesn’t even have to be in the form of a book. This week alone I have talked to several people about their own inner passions and have given them tips on how to get started. Seeing their face light up or hearing the excitement in their voice…that’s what I’m meant to do. I’m not the creator of the dream…I’m the supporter of the dream. The Mid-wife. The doula. The OB/GYN…without the GYN!

I was talking to my friend Mark about my hiatus and he told me that everyone needs that one person to support them; that one person to encourage them when they can’t encourage themselves. Shoot, I’ve been doing that since middle school! I didn’t even know what I was doing…I was just being me! Then I listened to a webinar given by Social Media Trainer Natalie Gouche’ and she said the best way to attract others to you is to simply be yourself. No need to put on a facade! No need to allow others to mold you into who they think you should be. Just do you,  be you, and your purpose will come to you.

So instead of being on this twisted up road to finding a way to get to the top…I’d honestly rather help others begin their ascension. Yes, I’ll still write my novels. Diamond Cartel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…but as a coach, a supporter, a friend of the Universe…I shine best when I can help others shine.

Look for the ascension of Cartel Creative Coaching coming this September! I’ve already gave birth to my passion! Now let’s start birthing yours!

Project 365: Day 174 ~ Death Is Inevitable

How comfortable are you with death?

I ask this question because whether you like it or not, it’s inevitable. Everything…and I do mean EVERYTHING…will whither away and die at some point.

But…what IS death?

It’s simply a transition of one form to another. That’s it! Nothing major, really. It just means one thing has ended to make way for a new beginning. It’s not the end all and be all; it’s just the total opposite.

Last night, I had a series of dreams that had to do with death. There were actually three dreams (you know how things come in threes!), but I can only vividly remember two of them. In one dream the death took place in a structured building. In another, it was a person and we couldn’t find them. I didn’t know the people in either one of these dreams, but after marinating on them I finally overstand what they meant.

In the structured dream, the death was a representation of my own life structure. Right now it’s old, abandoned, and tarnished…kind of like my past. During this project, and for the past two years, I have been working diligently on how I act, speak, and think about everything in my life. I even changed how I let other’s issues affect me. That structured part of my life has died and the person inside of that structured building represented me. My old self is dying and transitioning into my new self!


In the second dream, the person that died couldn’t be found. Yet this one was particularly interesting because I was searching for them with the last guy I was “messing with”…and yes I said messing as in it was a strictly platonic relationship. At any rate, the death in that dream was a representation of how I approached men and relationships. I used to always attract males that only had one sole focus and didn’t want anything serious. Whenever I needed them they could never be found, yet when they showed up I already knew what they wanted. Most of these men came with some sort of baggage. Who am I kidding? ALL of them came with baggage! That’s what I used to attract in my poorly structured life. Now that I’m transitioning into the new me, it’s only right that I transition to a different type of man. So the death in this dream is the transitioning of what type of men I attract. The reason the person that died couldn’t be found is because I didn’t want them to be found…just like I don’t want the old me to be found. And I was accompanied by that particular person as a reminder of WHY I don’t want the old me to be found. That’s not what I want anymore and even though that part of me has died I don’t want the new me to be influenced by such effery!

The only thing I can remember about the third dream is that it was a series of deaths…young deaths at that…but I don’t know if they were people, ideas, or what! So I’ll just take it as the transition is not over and some young aspects of my  life that didn’t have time to develop well are about to make way for improved forms that fit well with the new me! That’s all I can decipher from that dream.

I love how writing helps me to clarify things in my life. This morning, I asked God for the meaning behind it all. As I complete this blog I, too, feel complete. I got what I prayed for and am grateful for the deaths that are occurring, and will occur, in my life.

Everything dies.

Everything transitions.

Out with the old.

In with the new.

May the old me rest in paradise!

May the new me welcome my new life with open arms!

The journey continues…

Project 365: Day 128 ~ Happy New Year!

I know, I know…it’s not January 1st yet, but frankly, I don’t feel like waiting another 7 weeks and 6 days to ring in the new year!

And here’s why…

The new year symbolizes so much. In addition to it being a new year (thank you, Captain Obvious!) it’s also a time when we set new goals, make new resolutions and wipe our slate clean with a fresh, new start. It’s when we forget about the old and focus on the new…for a month or two…until the  new becomes the old and we’re back in that same trench we’ve been trying to climb out of for years and haven’t done it yet!


Well, at least that’s the case for most people. Me, on the other hand – I’m going about this differently! Screw waiting for 2012. I’m ready to make some 2012 things happen in 2011! This revelation hit me last night and in typical Rockstarr fashion I took it and ran with it. Now that my identity crisis is over I can move forward towards my goals!

Oh yeah, about that crisis!

It was BAD! LOL! Looking back, it was actually pretty funny, but at the moment I was on a serious “what the f*ck” tip! Somehow, along my journey, my originality got gutted like a fish and I was stuffed with a lot of materialistic, money-centered, nonessential bullsh*t that meant absolutely nothing to me! Now I realize that because I wasn’t being…well…me, I was having all sorts of trials, storms and issues that could have been easily avoided if I stayed true to myself.

I was attracting the wrong people, opportunities, experiences – it was a hot shiggidy diggidy mess! I mean straight sizzling! I’ve been working on this illusion for a few weeks now and I am proud to say that the original, fiesty, cake loving, music blaring, line dancing, stiletto stepping, story creating, sailor blushing, LOVE-CENTERED Rockstarr is BACK BABY!!!!!

With that said, I’ve decided to restructure my future and how I need, want and desire to look. 2012 – well, the next level – is going to be fan-f*cking-fabulous! That’s my new word, in case you didn’t know! A little – colorful – but that’s me!

So, now that I’m in my new season it’s time to create a lot of new things! I need to manifest a new vision board, some new declarations and affirmations, a new spiritual routine, new residence, new relationship (hey, baby!), new clothes, new shoes, new heels (drools)…new everything! It’s all here! I’m so grateful for this moment!

2009 was the year of revelation.

2010 was the year of healing.

2011 was the year of preparation.

2012 is the year of the new!



Focus Friday: Do It How You See Fit

All this week we’ve been talking about dream stealers, nay sayers, experts, gurus, gassers, etc. All of these people have something in common: if allowed, they will manipulate or even block your path to success.

But enough about them. Let’s talk about you!

Where do you see yourself going as a writer? How do you see your craft developing? If you’re not a writer, how do you see your dream becoming a reality? What is your vision and what steps do you need to take to make it happen? Can you see it happening? Is that really what you want?

Listen to that last question carefully.

Is that really what YOU want?

Do you want to be an international best-selling author, or do you just want to humor your family and friends? Do you want your artistic masterpieces displayed in the Louvre, or would you be more satisfied in your grandmother’s living room? Are you looking to be adored by millions, or just adored by the one you love?

Don’t let the vision of others cloud your own. Not everyone wants to be a celebrity, a billionaire, or even known worldwide. Some people are actually happiest when they are successful and low key. There’s nothing wrong with that. A small dream to one person can be universally huge to another.

It’s your vision. It’s your ordained destiny. Keep your focus and do it how you see fit.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thankful Thursday: Serve With Gratitude

Everything that you do should be done with gratitude. Serving others is no different. Your Higher Power chose you to be a vessel to do something powerful. That alone is worth being grateful. Couple that with the purpose to serve others and you have created the key that will unlock the door to your success.

This journey isn’t just about how far you can go, anything materialistic, or about making yourself “known” to society. Depending on your goals, you may never meet any of the people who’s lives you will ultimately touch. This journey is about how far you can encourage others to go. It’s about utilizing the gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that your Higher Power blessed you with so that in turn you can bless others. Yes, you will benefit from reaching your goals also, but let’s face it, your life isn’t about you!

I’m sure you’ve heard others say it. My mentor and several experts that I admire also echo this same statement. That’s because it’s true. Our lives aren’t solely about us. Yes, we live them and make decisions and such, but everything we do, everyone we serve, everywhere we go, and everything we experience is done for the betterment of us AND those we are supposed to help. Your target group may not be the whole world, but if your experiences can help you reach that one person you’re supposed to reach, then your service was not in vain.

Sometimes, when this point sinks in people grow a certain bitterness within themselves. It’s as if the green-eyed monster appears and they all of a sudden are spiteful that none of the trials, challenges, or what have you that they’re going through will benefit them. These people are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Everything you go through DOES benefit you; it also benefits those that you need, want, and are put here to help. The element of gratitude is what makes that point clear. When you simply serve for gain, your vision is foggy. When you serve with gratitude, you have 100% clarity.

Whatever you do, whenever you do it, however you do it, make sure it’s with gratitude. The gifts you were blessed with are no accident. You DO have a strong purpose here on earth. You ARE important to someone else other than yourself. You HAVE the ability to touch someone’s life and make it better, even if you feel your own life isn’t top-notch. There is no rule that says you have to be a millionaire with a mansion, 6 cars, 3 yachts, and several investments to be important. The wisest words I’ve ever heard were to simply appreciate life and be grateful for everything that I do have. I was told not to take one moment for granted because, good or bad, I will never get that moment back. That was told to me by a homeless man. Even HE is a powerful vessel and he doesn’t have any of the things that we in America see as success symbols.

Give of yourself freely. Serve others openly. Above all else, always, ALWAYS have gratitude.

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

Weekend Write-Up: Getting It All Down On Paper

Here is your assignment for this weekend. I’m going to be brief because I want your full attention to be on your goal!

Simply put, I want you to take that plan that has been manifesting inside of you for the past week, month, or year and put it down on paper! It’s time to take that dream of yours and turn it into a goal. Once it becomes a goal, then you can take steps to bring it to fruition.

When you set your dreams on paper, you breathe life into them. You make the intangible become tangible. You give the idea permission to come to life. You set before you what has been inside of you. In a sense, you’re preparing to give life to what you need, want, and/or desire.

It’s a scary thing, I know. There are a lot of questions surrounding your dreams. What if it doesn’t come true? What if I mess up? What if I miss a critical opportunity? Don’t let these questions stop you from getting started.

Write your dream out TODAY! Then write out your plans to get there. Leave room for change, growth, and the unexpected because all three of these elements WILL come into play at some point. That doesn’t mean you will never get there. It just means when you do arrive you’ll be wiser, stronger, and better than before!

Go! Pull up a word document. Better yet, grab a pen and paper. There’s something about physically writing it out that puts your spirit into it! Actually, I want you to do both! Have a hard copy and a digital copy. The more places you have it written, the more opportunities you have to focus on what you are working toward.

What’s your dream? What’s your plan? Mark down today’s date. It’s the day you decided to bring your dream to life!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out