Diamond’s Reign


Diamond Richardson’s life has been anything but easy. Since childhood, she has faced being abandoned by her mother, the lack of love from her grandmother, and being loved too much by her grandmother’s boyfriends. When she’s had enough, Diamond begins to take back control over her life, but with no guidance, role model, or positive person in sight she is forced to make decisions that could make or break her.

When her teenage crush comes back into her life, she decides she’s ready for a change. The question was how would she make that happen? With a haunting past and a cloudy future, Diamond does her best to right her wrongs, position herself for something greater, and finally regain control of what’s rightfully hers…her life.

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Diamond Richardson treated her life like a game of Russian roulette. The greater the risk, the greater the pleasure, and self-satisfaction was all she cared about. Abandoned by her mother as a child, she’s had to dodge the bullet of molestation, drugs, and alcohol. One man, James, finally sets her on the right path, but after his death she is once again derailed by lust, lies, and death in disguise. Will Diamond be able to get back on track before the final bullet hits? Or will her past catch up with her and end her reign?

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