You have to do what’s best for you…

… even if you don’t like it!

I am learning this principle all over again.

Recently, I’ve made the painstaking – and painful – decision to remain in Ohio for another year. I did this because of my newfound life mantra:

“If it causes more stress than success, let it go.”

The thought of moving – where I was going to go, when I was going to go, how I was going to go – was more painful and hurtful to me every time I attempted to think about it. I’ve been battling with this decision for almost a year and I STILL don’t have a clear answer. So I decided to stop torturing myself and “prosper where I am planted” as Dani Johnson would say. Since making this decision I have more mental clarity. I can actually focus on positioning myself professionally. That will allow me to be more clear about where I want to live personally.

It’s all about perspective, really. Instead of looking at how much I loath being here (no offense, Buckeyes!), I’m focused on how I can make these next 12 – 15 months enjoyable. I’ve already accomplished so much by being here: purchased a car, cleared out ALL consumer debt, saved up my Financial Freedom Account fund; being here has done me a world of good. Yet my ego was so focused on NOT being here that I didn’t get a chance to really appreciate or celebrate my successes.

*insert mini-party here*

Refocused. So now I’m taking the time to really leverage my stay here in Ohio. If I can accomplish those great tasks while unmotivated, imagine what can be done when I seize the opportunity!

I’ve also decided to take a four-monthΒ break from graduate school to really focus on my writing and coaching business. I’m running on fumes and it’s not good for myself nor those that depend on me. Plus, my Higher Power gave me this awesome, amazing gift and I’m just staring at it, waiting on it to move me. Well, that’s not how success works. I know that. I teach people that. So for the next four months I will focus on developing, strategizing, and growing myself, my writing, and my coaching business.

Here’s one thing coaches don’t really preach – at least not well enough in my opinion. When you are going after your heaven there will be periods of hell. You can’t bypass it. You can’t skip over it. You can’t sleep through it. You have to go through it, experience it, learn from it, and grow from it. Is it pleasant? No! Is it kind? No. Is it gentle? Hell no! Is it worth it? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, again! Once you accept it you will know how to handle it. Only then will you be able to master your hell on the path to your heaven.

I’m mastering my hell by prospering where I’m planted and staying in Ohio. No, it’s not hell here…it’s just my ego tripping. I’ll be okay, and so will you. Besides, in any challenge always remember this: It’s just for now, not forever.

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