Interesting Lesson from Outwitting the Devil

Yes, I’m still reading this book. I’m pacing myself with it because I don’t want to miss the message. I plan on reading it over and over, but I need to get it in my psyche first.

So here’s the interesting part that struck me today. Currently, the devil (henceforth referred to as the adversary) is speaking on how he uses certain bribes to make his victims become “drifters” or indifferent about their goals. One tactic he speaks on thoroughly is using the desires of a person against them.

What do I mean by that?

When you have a definite aim you focus only on those tasks which help you to achieve that goal and nothing else, correct? That aim is your desire. The adversary will give you that desire…but it will be wrapped up or sandwiched between to undesirable circumstances.

Personal example: My desire was to live in Atlanta. For ten years this was my definite aim. The adversary was able to trick my by allowing me to move to Atlanta (which was truly God’s blessing), yet I lived in a crappy apartment, in a crappy neighborhood, and was surrounded by negative thinking people (end 1). Also, the job that I had secured in Atlanta fell through and I didn’t have employment (end 2). So I got what I wanted…but at a price.

Now here’s how I flipped everything inside out: I became self employed, moved to a better neighborhood, drew only positive thinking people to me, and when I felt my time in Atlanta was up I left.

The thing with the adversary is that you can outwit him if you have a definite aim. If you’re focused on your aim and do not allow any person, place, or circumstance to distract you then the adversary has no control over you. NONE! I initially started off focused. Then I became consumed with fear and doubt and the adversary moved in. I shifted that fear into focus and doubt into determination and was able to reclaim my Spirit back. The adversary can do nothing with the person that is able and willing to think for themselves. Once I stopped letting the adversary run rapid in my mind and started taking control over my situation I was able to get out and get ahead.

That’s how the adversary works. Hell isn’t some hot, fiery place in the center of the earth filled with souls crying for a release. Hell is right here, right now, in your own mind and YOU have the key in your hand and can free yourself at any given moment. All you have to do is determine your aim, stay focused, and allow no one or nothing to distract you. Be full of faith and absolute knowing that you will reach your definite goal and you have outwitted the adversary.


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