Girl…where have you been?!

In a word: transitioning!

I’ve been under the cyber radar lately, and for good reason. September has definitely been a month of transition, both voluntarily and involuntarily. It’s been a wild ride, but I made it off safely. Now I’m just catching my breath so to speak and getting things organized.

I was originally going to shareΒ my ups and downs of the month, but it has come to my attention that a lot of people are feeding off my “defeats.” Sad, I know, but there are those in the world that take great pleasure off of someone else’s pain. Only in my case defeat is not painful, but rather a motivator to push harder. I guess you can say I’m a masochist when it comes to defeat. I take pleasure in knowing my plan has temporarily derailed me. One, because it shows me what NOT to do. Two, because it shows me that I still care enough to keep trying. When it stops hurting that meansΒ I’ve lost my desire. When I lose my desire,Β I’m easily distracted. When I’m easily distracted, the goal – in my mind – no longer exists. So defeat helps me rather than hinders me. But it’s there for ME…not the vultures looking to circle around the mirage of a down-and-out Rockstarr! That thought is laughable!


With that being said, I just wanted to stop by and encourage those that feed off of my successes, triumphs, and encouraging words for it is YOU who I truly blog for and share with. Life is not a roller coaster, a tunnel ride, or a merry-go-round. Life is the entire freakin’ amusement park! There’s variety, there’s rides, there’s snacks, there’s good things, there’s bad things, there’s maintenance required, there’s admission to get in, there’s all sorts of games being played…and then there’s the final exit. Only in this case, once you walk out (i.e. die) you don’t come back. So enjoy every sector ofΒ YOUR amusement park. You determine which rides to get on, which ones to repeat, which ones to bypass, and even which ones to shut down. You decide who comes in, goes out, has re-entry, or is banned. You decide what games to play and what prizes to win. It’s all up to you…no one else!

Right now, I’m doing some cleaning out and re-organizing of my amusement park. Some rides no longer work. Some attendees had to get the boot. And some things need to be moved around for newer rides and attendees (insert big cheesy grin here) to come in! My grand re-opening will be sometime in October. Until then, keep smiling…keep striving…keep making it happen!


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