Dissolving the negative energy hooks…for good!

I love it when God answers my prayers!

I say this because God knows EXACTLY how to capture my attention. God knows how to communicate with me. God knows how to put something so in my face that I have no choice BUT to look at it.

Last night a sick feeling snuck up on me. This always happens when a particular person is brought up. At any rate, instead of saying my usual nightly prayer I decided to be frank with God. No worries, God can handle it. I confessed that I was tired of this feeling, this person, and honestly would be better off if they were dead. I know, I know…bad Rockstarr! Yet I also know that sometimes what you wish to happen for others comes back to you, so that’s why I said I was tired of feeling like that, not that I wanted it to happen. I love my life and I prefer to keep my karma clean!

Okay, so what I asked instead was for God to remove any residual energy hooks that this person – well any person at this point – still had in me. You see, when you have any sort of deep, intimate (not sexual…intimate; they are two different things!) relationship with someone your energy goes into them and vise versa. Sometimes these energy hooks or channels are positive. Sometimes they are negative. When that person goes away or the relationship severs some of those hooks remain. This is where I’ve been having difficulty, especially with letting toxic people go. Their negative hooks are still in me. I’ve done prayers, rituals, sage smudging , just about everything I can think of to release these hooks. I’ve forgiven them. I’ve forgiven myself. I’ve even wrote out every nasty, vindictive, almost torturous thought I’ve ever had towards them just to get the energy out of me. These practices have helped – a lot! Yet some of the hooks are still there.

So what does that have to do with today’s post? I just checked my email and received my daily e-letter from The Daily Love. The topic was, “Why being mad at THEM actually hurts YOU!” It basically talks about getting to the core of your inner anger, bitterness, and resentment and CHOOSING to let it go. The hooks that I asked God to remove are not for God to release, but it’s my job to let them go. They’re not in me literally; I’m holding on to them. It’s the whole identity thing. It’s part of my “story” that I tell. It’s what makes me who I am. It’s what got me to this point.

Or is it?

Those are just thoughts created by my ego to justify the need to “protect” myself. Well, I love you, ego, I really do, but we can let this one go. If you really want to protect me you’ll end the story so we can get on with writing our new one. None of those people gave a damn back then and they certainly don’t give one now. So why should we? This isn’t tit-for-tat. This isn’t anger, bitterness, or resentment. This is simply us accepting that, yes, they got us then, but don’t have us anymore. It’s okay. Trust me. We’ll be better off. In order to fully receive HIM we have to let go of THEM!

*brings out acid*

To those connected to the negative energy hooks that I’m holding:

I just want to let you know that what’s done is done. Some harm. Some foul. But that was then and this is now. I publicly forgive you. I publicly forgive myself. And now, you are officially dismissed.

*pours acid on hooks*

That’s all it takes, really, to let go of negativity. As for your hooks in them, I offer this prayer/request:

God (or your Higher Power), I ask that you remove my hooks that are being held bound and captive by this person and retrieve them for me. May you neutralize, purify, and transmute them into positive energy and return them to me for good.

Amen…And so it is!

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