98 Days & Counting!

We’re approaching the end, Rockstars! In 98 days it will be December 31, 2012. The end of 2012. The transition period has begun. It’s time to get into overdrive to achieving your 2012 goals!

That’s exactly what I’m doing! As of tomorrow (9/25/12) the Isys Publication site will be no more. The company still exists, but not in the manner in which it did before. I now know why I went through the process of learning how to build a publishing company. It was a necessary part of God – my Higher Power – training me for my higher purpose. I will forever need and utilize the skills I learned both as a publisher and an author. The experience was not in vain.

With that being said, I am now elevating to the next level of my career –coaching! This is what I’ve been silently piecing together for the past few months. I’ve talked about it, explored it, even considered myself as a writing coach. Yet there is so much more I want to – and need to – do as a coach. So I am transitioning from Isys Publications to Cartel Creative Coaching. I’m still laying the groundwork, but I’m open and ready to help others activate their creativity and live the life they envision!

I’m also transitioning in some more personal areas of my life. I’ve decided that now is the time for me to return to Atlanta. I can do what I do anywhere, but I feed off of the city’s energy! It’s so alive and vital and, well, ME! So preparations are being made in that area. I’m getting my inner and outer health back together by changing the way I eat, drink, and rest. Most importantly, I’m getting my heart back together. I love me immensely! Now I’m ready to love someone else…and I know EXACTLY who that someone else is. So does he!

Now, what about you? How are you holding up in regards to your goals? Be they short-term or long-term – have you even started?! As James Arthur Ray said in the secret: “If not, when would NOW be the time…?”Don’t trick yourself into thinking it has to be set in stone, done and finished by December 31st. That’s just the start. What you build now is what you will stand on to build the next level of your life. Are you building something solid or fragile? Stable or wavering? Growth happens every day. Transitions take place constantly. It’s up to YOU to decide when and if you’re ready. I think you are. Matter of fact, I KNOW you are! It’s time you know it, too!

Go make it happen, Rockstar!

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