13 days…13 goals!

We only have – including today – 13 days left in March. We also only have 13 days left until the end of the first quarter. By now, if you haven’t already let your New Year’s goals go, they are probably barely hanging on by a hair. If you’re one of the truly dedicated few that are still going strong – hooray for your perseverance!!! I’m glad you’re still pushing through…but this blog post isn’t for you! I got you in a future post though! But today, I want to speak to those who are losing hope or have already lost it….and show you how to get it back!

Okay, let’s rewind 78 days. We’re going ALL the way back to December 31, 2012. On that day, or sometime during that week or month, you reflected back on the year – or years – and realized you were STILL not where you wanted to be. Maybe you made some progress, and that is to be celebrated, but you felt like you should be so much further ahead. So you did what most people did: set goals for the new year, bound and determined to make 2013 your year.

Well, it’s 78 days later. How are you doing? Did you start losing any pounds and exercising regularly? Have you taken the steps to quit smoking? What about that savings account you’re supposed to be growing? For my travelers, have you make any plans to get out of your norm? Are you meditating more? Are you praying more? Are you more in tune with your Higher Self?

Well…are you?

WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!!! No need for f-bombs! I’m just asking a question. But you recognize that feeling…the one of defeat? Yeah, kill that! You aren’t defeated! Your ego just wants you to think that you are. It wants you to feel like you’ve given up so it can keep you complacent where you are. Here’s the thing though – you created those goals because you didn’t like where you were in the first place, right? So why allow your ego to hold you hostage and keep you stagnant?

You can still accomplish your goals. You can still make 2013 YOUR year! It is still possible! It’s not close to December 31st…only March 31st. There are nine more months to change. In that time frame someone will lay down, have sex/make love, and have a baby! A brand new life! Now if that can be accomplished so can losing a few pounds, saving money, and changing your life for the better!

I know there are a lot of experts/coaches/gurus out there that will preach to dream big, lofty goals for 2013. That’s not my aim. I say dream big, lofty goals for your life…and start working toward them bit by bit. Everyone has a day one! You have to start from somewhere. No one goes to bed weighing 300+ and wakes up at 150, toned, energetic, and healthy! It doesn’t work that way! You have to work for it. You have to make the commitment. And you can never…ever…EVER give up!

You also need to CELEBRATE every step of the way! Did you at least obtain a gym membership? That’s worth celebrating! Did you pass up the donuts at work? That’s worth celebrating? Did you buy a book on starting a business or check one out at the library? That’s worth celebrating! Any effort made towards the overall goal must be celebrated!!!! I’m listening to my celebration playlist right now! It’s a 90 minute mix of upbeat songs I love! My mastermind group accountability partner and I came up with the idea. Every time we accomplish some part of our goal we are to do our celebration ritual. EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! Celebrating is never to be skipped because it keeps you MOTIVATED! If you do it enough it becomes a HABIT! Habits create SUCCESS!

Did you get that?

Motivation creates habits. Habits create success.

This goes both ways, but instead of creating the habit of setting goals and quitting when it gets tough, create the habit of setting goals and celebrating the journey along the way. It will get you through those tough times, blockages and delays that are inevitable. Trust me, this is a proven method by every successful person I’ve ever met, modeled, or studied…including myself.

As for me, I have thirteen goals left to accomplish before the end of the first quarter. Most of these goals are not one-time accomplishments. They are habits or lifestyle changes I want to create. But as I said before, everyone has a day one. Every day for the next thirteen days I’m going to focus on accomplishing or starting one goal. By the end of the month they will all have been addressed or accomplished. Then it’s on to the next set. By the way, these are not the big, lofty goals I talked about earlier. These are the stepping stones to those big, lofty goals.

Now…as for you, I would like to suggest that you do the same thing. Maybe you don’t have 13 goals…maybe you only have seven, or five, or even one. Whatever the case may be, you have to get started. And if you quit? Celebrate that! Yes…celebrate the quit! Because if you didn’t quit then that means you never tried…and what you’re truly celebrating is the fact that you TRIED! Now celebrate the commitment to KEEP GOING! If it take you two days or two decades, it doesn’t matter. Just know that one step leads to another. Eventually you have to end up somewhere, right?! So take those steps at your own pace. Celebrate where you’ve been and stay motivated about where you’re going. With time, commitment and dedication you will get there.

Congratulations on making it this far!!!



As for the travelers…I got something for you! Comment below to request more info!

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