Motivational Monday: Watch What You Commit To

It’s funny, sometimes, how things just come toΒ me indirectly. As I was planning my tasks for the week I realized that one of my biggest weaknesses is learning to say “NO” to people. I believe we’ve discussed this before, but today I’d like to elaborate on it from a different angle.

What hit me, in a not-so-pleasant way, is that I tend to over-commit myself to people, projects, and the like. Over-commiting is not a smart move to make. It can become a liability to your goals because it pulls your time, energy, and resources away from what YOU are supposed to work on and puts the focus on others. I’m the best multi-tasker that I know and even I have limitations. Sadly, I didn’t realize those limitations until I was too far beyond them.

My mistake is now your lesson. As you are starting off on this journey be mindful of what and to whom you commit yourself. A lot of people will hold that commitment over your head, and if you’reΒ  a “people pleaser” like me then you don’t want to let anyone down. That’s all well and good, but what I now realize is that by appeasing everyone else I’m displeasing myself. I’m the one that’s being let down by me. And who’s concern is that? Truth be told, at this point I don’t think anyone is concerned. So long as their commitments are being fulfilled then that’s all they care about. Some would say that sucks for me. Those people don’t know me very well.

Whoops! I’m getting out of my element! Back to the lesson at hand, if you don’t see yourself completing the task or commitmentΒ 100% then don’t even start it. There are BILLIONS of people on this earth. You are not accountable to all of them. Do what you can without pulling yourself away from your goals, and let them handle the rest. Just like you have to handle obstacles and such in your own life, they have to handle it in theirs.

Now I’m not saying become crass and turn your back on everyone. I’m simply saying don’t be the drink that everyone sticks their straws in. Don’t allow others to suck everything out of you, leaving you with nothing left but condensation, confusion, and chaos! Know your boundaries. Set them. Most importantly, make sure THEY know your boundaries…and bend them for NO ONE!

Now, I’m going into my “happy place” with my chocolate ice cream, turkey bacon, waffles, and music. Even the Rockstarr has those days!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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