Motivational Monday: Under New Management

No! Not the blog…your LIFE!

Great morning, Rockstars!

You are doing great! Keep up the momentum! I’m sure you’re starting to see results by now, and that’s a good thing. If you’re not, then keep at it. They will appear sooner than you think. Remember, some results are not as obvious, but if you know that you’re putting in the time, effort, and dedication they will eventually show up!

Now, on to this week’s topic.

This week, I’m going to sidetrack a bit. We’re not going to discuss your goals or your journey. We’re going to talk about something even MORE important. We’re going to discuss the one crucial element that can make or break you. We’re going to put a magnifying glass up to this element and see it for what it really is. We’re going to discuss (pause for dramatic effect) your LIFE!


Here’s the kicker though. We’re not going to discuss it from YOUR point of view. We’re going to discuss it from THEIR point of view! Who, you may ask? The ones that you are letting run – and ruin – your life. Yes…THEM! Those people you claim are so important that you go to them to make decisions for you. Those people you’re afraid to say no to so you’ll do anything and everything they ask you to do. Those people who are so essential that you MUST include them on every detail of your plan(s). Yes…THEM! Those people are doing you more HARM than GOOD! Here’s why!

Why did it take you so long to start working on your goals? (Because you were afraid of what “they” might say or think.)

Why is it so hard for you to make a decision for yourself? (Because you’re so used to “them” making decisions for you…and that’s all advice is; someone else making your decisions.)

Why are you holding yourself back from your destiny? (Because you don’t want to leave “them” behind and be considered a “sellout.”)

Why do you accept certain behaviors from those closest to you and not others? (Because you’re afraid to speak your mind for fear of hurting “their” feelings.)

Do you see how much control THEY have over YOU? Well, that ends now! Today is the day you post this loud and clear in your circle:


Yes, my dear Rockstars! You need to take back YOUR life! If your Higher Power wanted THEM to live for YOU then THEY would have YOUR life! Clearly that’s not the case, so why are you letting THEM ruin YOUR DESTINY?! That has GOT to end! You have got to put your foot down in EVERY area of your life: goals, health, relationships, finances, self-love, self-respect  (you’d be surprised at how many people would let their “friends” go out looking all crazy, smelling all kinds of wrong, face looking like Bozo the clown, etc. – but I digress), your future, and every other area of your life – key words: “YOUR LIFE!”

If you plan on being successful at anything you first have to be successful at controlling your life. If you can’t do that, how do you expect to handle anything else? Advice, opinions, those “Well, if it were me…” statements don’t mean ANYTHING if it’s not FOR YOU coming FROM YOU! Mentorship is one thing; overbearing outsiders trying to live vicariously through you is another.

So today I challenge you to begin the process of taking back your life. Today, you…yes, YOU…are getting back in the front seat! Today, you are to recognize that the ONLY entity that has control over your life is your HIGHER POWER! YOU were given this life to live. YOU are the Executive Director of YOU ENTERPRISES, INC.! YOU are responsible for what YOU do, even if someone else told you to do it. It’s time to take back what’s rightfully yours. Motivate yourself to get EXTRA TOUGH this week! We’re about to hand out some EVICTION NOTICES!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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