Motivational Monday: Have Faith!

Welcome to another week, Rockstars!

I want to start this week off by stating just how PROUD I am of your accomplishments so far. I know we are still in the beginning stages but you are making immense progress. That is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Pat yourself on the back! You are making huge strides…even if you’re only taking tiny steps!

Now, on to the focus for the week. You already know that I have all the faith in the world in you…but…how strong is your faith in yourself? How strong is your faith in your goals? Do you truly believe you will see the ending results and be satisfied with them? Or are you doing this simply because someone pushed you to “do something with your life?”

Your level of faith will gauge just how close, or far away, you will come to actualize your goals. The more faith you have, the higher your chances of seeing your goals all the way to the finish line. Faith is one of the key elements that must be present for anything to happen in life.

But…what is faith?

There are many definitions, but they all center around this one principle. Faith is simply believing in that which one cannot see. You know it in your spirit that whatever you are seeking exists, but you have little to no outward proof. Even when adversity strikes, challenges arise, and obstacles are in your way there is still that glitter of hope that keeps you going.

On this journey, trust and believe your faith will be tested…on more than one occasion. That should be expected. These tests of your faith can be used in one of two ways: they can build you up or tear you down. It all depends on how you look at it. When your faith is challenged, you will be put in the position to prove just how strongly you believe in your goals and yourself. Those challenges will arise. When they do, meet them with confidence, determination, and steadfast FAITH!

The more you are challenged, the more opportunities you will have to strengthen your faith. While these challenges seem defeating initially, you can use them to your benefit. Don’t let them beat you down; instead, use them as building blocks to the next level. The closer you get to your goals, the more your faith becomes visible. Yet the further you are from your goals, the stronger your faith needs to be. No matter if you’re at the beginning or rounding the corner to the end, never lose faith! The second you lose it…everything else is lost!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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  1. So very true losing faith can leave you wide open for self doubt confusion and make the tread up hill much harder. You have to keep the faith at all time its your armor

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