Motivational Monday: ADD VALUE!

Great morning, Rockstars!

You should feel about 500 pounds lighter after your eviction process. Now I know it may not seem like you have a lot to celebrate. After all, you just got rid of a good portion of your life that wasn’t good for you. That reality check can feel just as heavy a the load you just got rid of. It’s okay though, because this week we’re going to regroup, refocus, and recommit to living for YOU! We’re also going to replace the bad with the good. How will we do that? Simple! We are going to…

(drumroll, please!)


Yes, my expensive Rockstar! We are going to ADD to your life. We’re done SUBTRACTING the bad, negative, and obnoxious stuff from your life. Now that you have cleaned out, it’s time to clean up so you can replenish yourself inside and out.

Before you can add additional value to your life, you have to know what you’re currently worth. That process was evident once you realized that the people, places, and experiences you just evicted from your life were not a true reflection of your self-worth. YOU, my dear Rockstar, are VALUABLE! You deserve all that life has to offer, and you deserve to go after it. Now that you are able to freely live your life both personally and professionally, it’s time to increase your value.

What do you need out of life? What do you want and desire? Are you currently content with your value, or do you feel like you are worth so much more (which, by the way, I feel you are!)? You have to know what you’re currently worth and what you want to be worth in order to add value to your life. They say “…you can only do what you know”, so what is it that you know how to do? What are you good at outside of what you’re currently working on? What else do you want to learn how to do?

Adding value doesn’t mean you have to literally spend more money on yourself or make more money for yourself. Not that I know of anyone who would complain! What adding value means is to increase your POWER base by increasing your knowledge base and APPLYING what you know. Knowledge without application does NOT equal power. You may have more value than you realize, but you have to APPLY it to ACTIVATE it. Once you do that, you will instantly increase your value.

You deserve all the best that life has to offer. I’m repeating this for a reason! I want it to stick with you. So, let me say it again:


Value attracts value. Meet better people. Go to better places. Have better experiences. Laugh more. Smile more. Love more. Be GRATEFUL more. We’ve cleaned out. Now let’s clean up! You don’t keep valuables around filth. You are no different! Clean yourself up inside and out so you can begin to add value to your life.

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your value. Appreciate IN value!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

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