28 Day Self Love Challenge

The 28 Day Self Love Challenge will launch February 2020! I am so excited to share this experience with a LIMITED number of people! If you’re interested in participating, you can register below:

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So…how was the Self Love Challenge created?

Back in 2018, when I began my self healing journey, I discovered the root cause of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues was due to a lack of self love. Yet, I never had a concrete example of what self love looked like. To me, all I saw was pampering (hair done, nails done, shopping sprees), and while that stuff is okay, it wasn’t what I was missing.

I know, because I was doing that stuff and STILL felt empty!

So I sat with myself in deep meditation and asked my Higher Power what was I missing and how could I get it in my life. The answer didn’t come flying to me like in the movies. Instead, I received my response in the same way I receive my stories – through being creative.

One day I was playing around looking for heart images to add to my laptop vision board. I came across the image you see above and it spoke to me. Usually, I’m not a pink type of person, but I really liked this image. That’s where it all started.

The image led to a cover idea.

The cover idea led to the challenge idea.

The challenge idea led to the theme.

The theme led me to every piece of me that was missing or underdeveloped.

That, my dear Rockstarrs, is how the 28 Day Self Love Challenge was created. While it didn’t originate in February, I felt it was the perfect month to showcase OUR love for SELF!

We all could use some inner attention. That’s what the 28 Day Self Love Challenge does for you. It goes deeper than surface level and helps to seal the cracks that may be hiding in your foundation. It’s not about FIXING you…it’s about FULFILLING you! We aren’t products that need fixing. We’re people that thrive on being fulfilled.

That’s what the 28 Day Self Love Challenge helps you to do: Fill your cup up to overflow!

If you’re ready to pour back into yourself then I invite you to join me as I embark on my yearly journey of inner reflection and expansion. Since I’m taking this journey WITH you and plan to be fully present, I’m only inviting TEN PEOPLE to join me. Why? Because sometimes we discover things within ourselves that we don’t want the entire world to know. I stand on the principle of always creating a safe space for people. This challenge will be no different. Even when it grows, I plan on keeping the live versions intimate and small. This way, if you need me I can be fully present for you. I’ve done the work. I can be your support while you’re doing the work.

The challenge begins February 1st. Registration closes January 28th. Regardless of what you’ve resolved to be, do, or have this year…if your foundation isn’t set, it won’t last. You deserve to live your best life. Let me help you solidify the foundation to support it!

You can register to join below:

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I can’t wait to grow with you while serving you!

Coach B