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Happy Thanksgiving! Plus, A Special Deal!

Happy Thanksgiving, Rockstars!

This year has been a of action, feelings, and emotions for me. It’s the year that I stepped out on faith as an entrepreneur. It’s the year that I decided to reclaim my life, my career, and my future. It’s the year I invested in me multiple times over. It’s the year that my cup of Self Love began to overflow!

As I sit back and think of all the good – and not so good – times I realize how truly blessed and highly favored I am. My Higher Power truly looks out for me in ways that are mysterious, yet masterful! As this day comes to a close, I want you to take a few minutes and share below what you’re most grateful for in this moment. Regardless of what type of year you’ve had, there is always…Always…ALWAYS a reason to be grateful!

And now…for the special deal!

Starting on Black Friday, running all the way through Giving Tuesday, I am scheduling FREE (no hidden period needed!) 30 minute Goal Navigation Assessment sessions. During these sessions, we will go over your 2019 goals and set a solid foundation where you can begin to take action steps. If you haven’t set your 2019 goals yet, now is the BEST time to get it done! Simply schedule your appointment between today and December 31st, 2018 to get started on the right foot in 2019! Remember, this offer expires on Giving Tuesday, 11/27/18 at 11:59:59 EST. Don’t delay, I’m only securing appointments for the FIRST 30 PEOPLE TO REGISTER!!!

Here’s to gratitude, appreciation, and making the NEXT year our BEST year YET!!!

Anchored in Love,

Coach B

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude For Movement

You finally got it!

The story is flowing nicely and you are making strides in your first – or next – book. That’s great! Before long, your project will be finished and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. But why wait until the end to show the gratitude that should be expressed in the beginning?

Now is the perfect time to thank God, your Higher Power, the Universe, or whomever you look up to for giving you the tools needed to start your project.  The more gratitude you give, the more creativity you receive. Begin now and there’s no telling where your project will end up!

If nothing else, I’m grateful for you and to you. I’m grateful for you because you decided to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve something that will ultimately be greater than you expect. I’m grateful to you for having enough faith in me to continuously come back to this blog (and subscribe – shameless plug) for motivation, encouragement and hopefully a giggle or three!

Gratitude is the key to everything. Unlock the door to your success!


Thankful Thursday: Grateful For The Motivation

There’s this phrase that says, “Let your haters be your motivators.” I don’t really like that phrase, but it does have a valid point. Your “dream blockers” are like your haters. They see you doing something they wish they could do – and they probably could if they used some of that energy for good – but they’re not. So, instead of pushing themselves to move forward, they block you from doing just that.

Be grateful for that.

Then you have your gassers. Those experts and gurus that want you to succeed. They really do; and while they’re molding you to be in their likeness they are sucking your bank account dry – because you know that mentoring isn’t free!

Be grateful for that.

Finally, you have yourself. That extremely loud voice in your head screaming at every brilliant idea you have, trying to drown it out so that you don’t act on it. Your biggest obstacle. Your strongest adversary. Your worst enemy. That’s what “they” say “you” are.

Be grateful for that.

And WHY should you be grateful for all of this negativity? Because it’s what gets you going. It’s what motivates you to prove them – and yourself – WRONG! It’s that hidden adrenaline most people don’t label because it can be found inside of you. In fact, it was there all along. You know that extremely loud voice inside of your head?! Yeah, that one. There’s a method to its madness. The hidden adrenaline is the method. The taunting is the madness.

Get it now?


From this point on, every time someone says “You can’t do that!” or “For as little as (insert inflated price here) I can show you how to…” or “I’m too (insert excuse here) to do anything” be grateful. It’s an opportunity in disguise to overcome that blockage. They may get in your way, but they also give you the tools to get them out of your way.

Remember, nothing’s stopping you but you! Now you know how to overcome you so you can move through!

*Say that three times fast! LOL!*


Thankful Thursday: Show Gratitude For Your Gift

You have a gift. Something that only you can do. Sure, there are others that do it, but no one – and I do mean NO ONE – can utilize your gift like you can! That’s what makes you unique and there isn’t a negative person in the world that can take that away from you!

So why not show gratitude for it?

You were given the gift as well as your unique way of expressing it. When you write, it comes from a place that resides only within you. When you create, you are expressing thoughts and feelings from your perception. Like fingerprints, no two individuals are alike. The same goes for your gift. There can be millions of writers, singers, architects, ect., but none of them can duplicate your gift in your way.

So today, and every day, show gratitude for your gift. Be it one or one hundred, you were put here for a purpose. Your purpose lies within your gift. It was ordained to you by your Higher Power to not only benefit others, but yourself as well. Be grateful for that, because if you’re not it can be gone. Just. Like. That.



Thanksful Thursday: Thank Goodness For Patience

Here it is, after 3 PM EST my time, and I’m just not getting to this blog. This is a prime example of practicing what I preach. This is also a good example of why having patience is a must in your personal AND professional life.

You will have days that will start off as normal (like mine did) and POW – they will change in an instant (once again, like mine did). That’s okay. So long as you move through your day to the best of your ability things will be fine. You will get back to what you were working on soon enough.

This isn’t to say that you should allow any and all interruptions. You do have a choice in some of the matters. In others, there is no option. However, don’t let the mishap, distraction or side step affect your level of patience. You will make it through this with patience, persistence and practice.

Be grateful and be thankful for the patience you do have; even if it’s very miniscule. You can build and strengthen your patience and every time it is tested and you pass you do just that – make it stronger! Of course, it doesn’t build overnight, but it will get better. Soon it will be second nature to you. That – my dear Rockstar – is when you’ll know you’ve mastered patience!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

Thankful Thursday: Thank You For Allowing Me To Help!

No, not me! Well, yes, I do thank you, but this is how you should feel in regards to serving others. Being open to serving others is only half of the picture. They have to be just as open to receiving what you have to give. They also have to need what you have to give. When these elements come together you are fully living within your purpose. For that you need to thank those that allow you to do so and you need to thank your Higher Power.

From the greatest level of assistance to the smallest kindess of gesture, they’re all opportunities to give to and serve others. You’ll never know when the opportunity will present itself so take it whenever you get the chance. It’s good for the soul when you express your gratitude by serving others. It also shows your gratitude for life. When you can give to others – selflessly, of course – you don’t feel as much “lack” in your life. It increases your energy, raises your vibrational frequency and puts a glow around you that no cosmetic product can produce!

Go out there and give a dose or two of whatever you have to give. Someone somewhere needs it, wants it and will appreciate you for it. And of course, I thank you all for allowing me to give my time, energy and random acts of kindness to you!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude = Success

Gratitude and success go hand in hand. It’s practically impossible to have one without the other for long. Ungrateful people who experience success will soon find themselves in dire straits. People who exude gratitude, even in trying times, are soon met with exponential success.

You should always keep an eye on your gratitude meter. Take a moment to realize just how successful you have already been. Some people look so far ahead in the future or live in the regrets of the past that they fail to see the successes they have in the present. When you recognize and acknowledge what you’ve already accomplished – and have gratitude for it – success begins to flow to you effortlessly.

If you’re feeling ungrateful, for whatever reason, the best remedy is to help someone else. Seriously! Find a friend – or a total stranger – in need and help them with something, even if they don’t ask you for help. Go above and beyond the call of duty to be there for someone. Take them to the store. Wash their car. Add money to a stranger’s parking meter. Or if you’re not comfortable with direct contact, simply smile! You’d be surprised at how many people pass you a day that are affected by your mood. A smile goes a long way. I’ve personally witnessed people driving towards me looking like their world was going to end, yet when they see me smile something in their eyes light up. Sometimes they smile back, sometimes they pass too quickly for me to notice, but every time – and I do mean EVERY time – I could sense something “click” in them.

That is a form of increasing and expressing your gratitude. You have the ability to help someone else. You are showing the ability to alter someone’s feelings for the better. You are improving another person’s situation, which in turn improves your own. That in itself is a form of success. Not many people can do that on a positive level. You have that power. Actually, everyone has that power. You just have to make the choice to exercise it.


Don’t do this solely for gain. The purpose of having gratitude is to sincerely be grateful, not to fill some hole within yourself just so you can get something out of it. Gratitude is all about being appreciative of what you have – and are willing to GIVE! When you express false gratitude you will reap false success, if you reap any success at all. Your Higher Power cannot be tricked, so don’t even do that to yourself. If you find it hard to show genuine gratitude then force yourself to show it in some kind of way and expect NOTHING in return. You have to get in the habit of showing gratitude. It may take time, but the more you practice it the more natural it becomes.

A high level of gratitude equals a high level of success in whatever endeavor you are pursuing. The more gratitude you show, the more you will receive. Show gratitude with an open heart, mind and spirit and everything you need, want and desire will be within reach.

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

Thankful Thursday: Initiate With Gratitude

Taking on a leadership role and putting forth the effort to initiate that role are no easy tasks. Yet in order to see any kind of growth and increase that’s exactly what you need to do. When you take on leadership you are in charge, so to speak, of the “project.” Everyone begins to look to you for guidance and approval. They see you as the commander, the chief, the go-to person. While your leadership role is important in good times as well, it is critically important in the not-so-good times.

Leadership and initiative go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Leaders are the ones who initiate actions to get from point A to point B. When you are the one initiating those actions you have, in a sense, taken on the leadership role. Be it  temporarily or permanently, the one that takes the initiative is the one that leads.

To be an effective initiator and leader you need to have gratitude. Not only to your Higher Power for giving you such responsibility, but also to your followers for looking up to and believing in you. Be it one person or one million, you are guiding someone down a path without knowing 100% what the end results will be. They are trusting you to get them there safely with their own lives still in tact. They have put faith in you to do what they don’t know how to do. That is a big responsibility; one that you should be grateful to them for trusting you with.

This can be utilized in your personal and professional life, but you all know I strive to focus on the professional side only. At any rate, however you see fit, apply this aspect to your life. In fact, apply all Thursday aspects to your life. If you’ve been following me since day one you know that Thursdays are the days I focus on having gratitude. No matter what you are doing in life, initiating, following, planning, growing, etc. they all require some level of gratitude – which is the ULTIMATE level! That cannot be overlooked. In fact, it’s worth repeating incessantly. HAVE GRATITUDE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO IN LIFE!

Leading is not something to take lightly. The actions you take are not to be taken lightly. You have positioned yourself on the front lines. You are the first thing others will see in regards to your goals. Be it personal or professional, your family or your colleagues, your closest friends or those that look up to you, give them someone positive to be led by. Give them a reason to believe in you. Give them all you have – and more!

You took initiative to get started. They are now following your lead. Be grateful for that!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

Thankful Thursday: You’re Worthy! Be Grateful!

Knowing your self-worth is something to be grateful for. When you hold yourself to a higher standard it is reflected in all areas of your life. Knowing your own self-worth also makes it easier to identify those that also hold themselves to a higher standard. Like attracts like; if your self-worth is low then everyone and everything you attract in your life will have a lower worth. If your self-worth is high then those you attract will feel the same way about themselves.

Self-worth makes exceptions for no one. You can’t expect high standards from 95% of those you know but let the last 5% slide because “their life is hard.” It doesn’t work that way. If there is even ONE person…ONE experience…ONE instance in your life where you’re willing to make an exception then you are fabricating your own self-worth. You are lying to YOURSELF! You are also putting yourself at risk of decreasing your own value by putting up with negativity.

Don’t make excuses for others. Don’t accept what you’re not worth. Don’t go where you’re not wanted, needed, or comfortable. Don’t hold on to people because of (insert excuse here). Those people, places, and/or experiences are NOT your responsibility. YOU ARE!

When you’re grateful for your higher valued self you will cherish and protect it at all costs. Is there anyone around you that has that same high value? Are you having experiences that add value to your life? Are you going places that add value to your life? If the answer is yes, then be grateful. If the answer is no, then be grateful that you found out these do not reflect your true self-worth and begin to increase your value by going to better places, having better experiences, and befriending better people.

Increasing your value increases your level of gratitude. Increased gratitude increases your value. Yet another circle worthy of expansion!

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your value. Appreciate IN value!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out

Thankful Thursday: I’m Grateful For Your Presence, But…

…it’s time for you to go!

That’s what needs to be said in so many words. These people, places, and experiences were put in your life for a reason. There is a LESSON in the madness that has ensued in the space between your ears. Before you can officially evict anyone you need to learn what that lesson is. And how do you know you’ve learned a lesson?

You’re tested!

It’s inevitable, you have to be tested and you have to PASS before the eviction process can be effective. Even if you do evict them, another similar person, place, or experience will come along soon after to re-teach that SAME LESSON that you refused to learn or didn’t pass the test on. In order for ANY of this process to be effective, you must learn the lesson, overstand its purpose, be grateful for its presence, pass the test, and MOVE ON! Don’t repeat the same mistake. That’s a sign you didn’t truly learn the lesson which will just put you right back where you just left.

After this test comes the evictions. Yet here’s the grand part about this process…the eviction IS the test! W00t! Yes, my dear Rockstars! You are tested DURING the eviction process…not before or after. Can you be strong enough to kick these people out? Are you resilient enough to resist their advances?  Will you avoid having the same experiences over and over again? How far will you go to avoid those negative places?

That is your test. That is what you’ll have to pass. I know you can do it because I’ve done it before in other aspects of my life. Now, with that being said I want you to know that this “eviction process” does repeat itself in different scenarios with different people, places, and experiences…but for different reasons. This isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal! Not by far! Yet there is something you need to learn from that person, that experience, that place in your life. Once you learn it’s purpose and overstand it, be grateful for its presence, pass the test, and then you can move on.

Show gratitude for this process. It has made you stronger than you know. Tomorrow, we’ll finally buckle down and focus on serving those eviction notices!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out