It’s (Self) Love Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves!

We all know this is the day our significant lovers, family, and friends show us Love and appreciation with gifts, quality time spent, and words of care and affirmation. Chocolates and greeting cards be damned, this is more than a commercialized holiday. (Damn you, retailers, for squelching Love in the name of profit! *fists in the air*)

I view this day a bit differently than others. While everyone is all geared up to show Love to others, I’m geared up to show EXTRA Love to myself. Why? An even better question is, “Why not?” There’s nothing wrong – and everything right – with expressing Love to yourself.

While you are out and about spreading Love and goodness to everyone you care about, put yourself in the mix. Buy yourself some flowers. Get a HUGE stuffed bear (I’m partial to bears myself!). Take yourself out to lunch. Sure some self-righteous, indignant, scornful soul who graduated from Petty University might have a snide remark to say, but who cares?! That’s just a clear indication they have no idea what self Love is about! Today is about Loving you – even if someone else is, too! You’re allowed to receive gifts from them AND from yourself!

Enjoy today however you’d like. Do all the things – or none of them. Whatever floats your boat and fills you to overflow. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for showering yourself with Love and affection. It’s your right – and your duty – to Love yourself FIRST! Today, especially today, make it a priority.

Anchored in Love,

Coach B

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