Give Yourself Time!

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Hey, Rockstarrs!

We are a week into the new year. How are you holding up? Are you still rooted in your desire to make this the best year ever, or are you starting to wax and wane from your intentions? It’s okay, this is the equivalent of having ebb and flow. There will be times when you are flying high, and there will be times when you are riding low. Don’t let the low moments get you discouraged. Consider the low moments – the “ebb” part – as a chance to relax, refresh, regroup, and renew your set intentions. We can’t be on all of the time. That is that leads to burnout.

Give yourself the understanding – and the relaxed belief – that everything doesn’t have to happen in this exact moment. Alignment has to occur. Things have to get into place. You have to be ready to receive what you’re asking for whether it’s a person, a financial gain, a relationship, or whatever it is. That’s how it is with the goals you put into place. You’ve set the goal. You’ve laid out your plans. Now you have to work on them. Bit by bit. Little by little. One by one. You may not see instant momentum, but if you give it time when you look back you’ll see how far you’ve come and will have evidence – EVIDENCE – that you are going in the right direction.

We still have 358 days to get it right. Have faith. Be patient. You’re doing great! If you still feel the pull of excitement then roll with it! However, if anxiety, doubt, and worry are trying to creep in meet them at the door and tell them ACCESS DENIED!!! You’re a forever work in progress. “You can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done!” That’s what Esther Hicks would say. And it’s the truth because as soon as you reach one goal you will immediately birth another…and another…and another. That’s what makes life, well, LIFE! Goals, resolutions, desires, whatever you want to call them are the things that make life worth living. It gives us something to go for, to work toward, to increase, improve, and excite our lives. Revel in it for it’s the stuff life is made of.



Enjoy the process!

And if you need help in doing just that, or if you need someone to guide you along the way, I’m here for you. Contact me today regarding my coaching or mentoring options. I’m willing to be a catalyst for the future you are designing. I can be reached via my website or by email. Let’s make this year MAGICAL!!!

Anchored in Love,

Coach B

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