Barbara Carter – AKA Coach B – is a published author, certified coach, speaker, and Intuitive Self Love Alchemist. Her personal journey began with writing fictional novels. Over the years, she has coached women who’ve survived domestic violence, trauma, uncertainty, lack of self love, and loneliness. It was in 2018 when something shifted and she was called to not only assist women – but to focus on those who are on the enlightened path. Accepting her light – and her God given gift – Barbara now focus on helping others seek guidance, clarity, and growth from a deeper, more Spiritual realm.

“You may not be able to change society, but you can change what’s in your mind, heart, and spirit by learning, understanding and accepting the positive, expansive, phenomenal energy that already resides within you. And by breeding that energy, growing that energy, loving that energy, expanding that energy, and letting that energy shine, you will begin to see your truth and naturally return to your core being.”

Barbara is open for individual and group coaching sessions, mentoring opportunities, and speaking engagements. For more information, email with your inquiry. Thank you for supporting ISYS in our mission to lift as we climb, and as always:

Be Love! Be Kind! Be Compassionate!