Message to My Soul Family

I would like to start off by thanking each and every individual who has supported Isys during its existence. Whether you’re a recent follower, or have been a fan since Hurricane, you are greatly appreciated!

With that being said, I regret – albeit happily – to inform you that Isys (officially Isys Publications LLC) has dissolved as of 12/31/2019. Socially, it dissolved 1/31/2020. Books are still available via Amazon and Smashwords. Outside of these two platforms, Isys is no longer in operation.


Don’t fret! A new path has emerged and developed from this journey. Everything has been revealed and the details are currently being worked out. If you’d like to stay in the loop you can continue to follow me (Coach B) on Instagram/Twitter (@lkccoachb) or subscribe to my YouTube page ( for details. For professional inquiries you can also connect with me on LinkedIn (

I’m excited about my new journey and hope you decide to join me! Either way, your love and energy have been greatly appreciated. Take care, loves!

The journey continues…

Coach B